Burgermaster a Seattle area fixture for decades

Burgermaster began in 1952, and currently there are five in the Seattle area. Our daughter suggested we go there for supper before we went to see the Christmas lights.

No missing the name

Lots of parking, inside dining to the right






Sher and I were surprised to see what looked like an old fashioned drive-in, complete with car hops. (No, they were not on roller skates) No speakers to place orders here, the car hops had hand held devices to take our order. Large menu boards were prominently placed in front of each parking spot.

Fish hot from the fryer, lots of fries and slaw

Sher took a bite before I got the picture, rings to the right






I had the fish and chips, three pieces of “hand breaded in house” cod with a huge portion of fries and a small cup of slaw.  Sher had one of her favorites: grilled cheese with a slice of onion and a slice of tomato. Her side was onion rings, thus we were able to share and enjoy both fries and rings. Our grandson wanted a hot dog, and it was split into three slices and served on a hamburger bun. I’d never seen that served in a restaurant that way. He loved it!

The big menu board

Now you know where we were






All in all the food was good, served hot and quickly. We actually enjoyed eating in the car with our grandson between us. Our daughter and son-in-law were of course in the front, and enjoyed their burgers.  We all had great conversation and good food and drinks.


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