Skip Rock Distillery Snohomish

One of the last places we took in before our return to Indiana was a local distillery in Snohomish. The Skip Rock Distillery is known for its premium quality liquors. Their diverse product line includes two kinds of potato vodka, three award-winning rums, several whiskeys and an assortment of fruit liqueurs.

The street view

Some of Skip Rock’s award winners






The tasting room in downtown Snohomish is just off of the 1st Street main shopping area. The old brick building houses the street level shop and the actual working distillery. Our host told us that a remodeling project is coming, which will include a full cocktail bar.

Tasting menu

Six flights ready









Our son-in-law’s parents have also joined us and all of us visited the tasting room. We all had a flight of four samples. It was quite the experience having samples of everything from fruit liqueurs to gin to potato vodka.

Where it all happens

All thoroughly enjoyed the new tastes to our palates. In addition to tasting we did among us purchase some of the fruit liqueurs. These small local distillers are such a treat for several reasons. Normally, like Skip Rock, they produce premium products. In addition these small local businesses are the lifeblood of the town’s economy. We enjoy supporting local businesses.  Here is Skip Rock’s website.

A fun wine and beer walk

We had a most enjoyable wine and beer walk at the Mill Creek Town Center this evening. There were 10 stations, most had three wine samples, a couple had different samples of beer.

The Mill Creek Town Center is an upscale shopping and entertainment area. It includes restaurants, shops, banks and art galleries.

Anthony’s HomePort Everett, a detailed look

Here we go again with another follow-up post about a delightful restaurant we visited recently. We posted a double picture of a part of our meal at Anthony’s HomePort Everett, one of a large chain of Pacific Northwest based fine dining places.

On this rainy day the exposed decks were covered

We picked a rainy somewhat dreary day, but we still enjoyed getting a table that overlooked the Everett waterfront. We were seated within a few minutes of our arrival without reservations. It was enjoyable watching the surprising number of boats out on the water running in the rain.

Getting a whiff of the fresh baked bread!

Ground pepper being added to the chowder






We started with a loaf of freshly baked, still warm sourdough bread. Don’t have to tell anybody how good that bread was! I had to try a cup of Anthony’s Award-winning clam chowder with potato and bacon. Topped with freshly ground pepper and oyster crackers, this appetizer was clearly worthy of awards.

Fettuccine pasta specially prepared for Sher

Sher ordered the vegetarian version of the Oregon Fettuccine. In place of the shrimp, Chef Joe added additional vegetables to the fresh pasta, tomatoes, zucchini and
fresh herbs in the garlic cream sauce with Parmesan cheese. Delicious!

Three perfectly fried pieces of fish

A unique lettuce bowl of ginger slaw






Don’t have to tell you what I ordered, do I? (If you’ve been following us, you probably know. If not, well here goes.) I ordered the fresh caught panko crusted cod fish and chips with ginger slaw. Oh yes it was delicious. The three pieces of fish were especially tasty, with the fried panko crust so good. It’s going to be hard to say which Pacific Northwest Fish and Chips is my favorite.

One bite left on the first of three

Very tasty and potent Pomegranate Drop cocktail







We spotted an interesting drink on a table nearby. Our server told us this was a Pomegranate Drop. It’s a cocktail made with pomegranate juice, vodka, orange liqueur and lemon juice. A very tasty drink indeed. We were glad we “discovered” the Pomegranate Drop. Our experience at Anthony’s HomePort Everett was a highlight on what some call a typical Seattle area rainy day.

The Birds of Mukilteo Lighthouse Park


Like us, this gull enjoyed just watching the water

One thing you can always count on at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is seeing birds. We mean seeing lots and lots of birds. When we visited we saw crows, pigeons and of course different species of gulls. We saw them everywhere.

Staking claim to a picnic table

Stretching its wings






It was interesting to note that these birds were so used to people, dogs, and moving vehicles. When we drove through the parking lot birds were in the unoccupied parking spots, but kept the drive lanes clear.


The picture above shows the public boat ramp and twin docks. So what is the deal with the birds here? What is wrong with the right dock, or what is so appealing to be on the left dock? The gulls were still boycotting that right side dock when we left.


Cotton Candy Grapes taste, ah, different

No pink, sugary, fluffy and sticky confection here

There it was : grapes labeled Cotton Candy

We thought the name on the bag of grapes was a cute company name: Cotton Candy. But no, that was the name and flavor of the grapes themselves. Welcome to the wonderful world of designer fruit.

They are not GMO. Seriously, they are not.

Our daughter tells us that this brand of grapes shows up just once a year, and is usually found on the grocery shelves for at most a few weeks in August and September.  The grapes are grown by a California company named the Grapery. And yes, they do taste like cotton candy!

Details are listed here on the package.

The history is that this variety of grapes was developed over a period of eight years of cross-breeding different strains of grapes. The hybrid Cotton Candy Grape is the result that is available now each fall. The Grapery has its vineyards in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley. The Grapery has other varieties of unique grapes, including Gum Drops and Moon Drops. Look for them during your next grocery shopping trip.

Spotted on Snoqualmie’s Railroad Avenue

Snoqualmie is a lovely town about 30 miles east of Seattle. It has a colorful history and is situated between the Snoqualmie Casino to the south and and the famous Snoqualmie Falls to the north. Railroad Avenue follows the twin tracks through town and features lots of interesting sites, businesses and shops.

Hear are a few things that caught our eye:

An interesting sight

Describing the wheel above

The Snoqualmie Depot, home of the Northwest Railway Museum

Depot history and information plaque

The Railroad was first constructed in 1889 and opened up the timber and lumber industry. Prior to the railroad, logs were floated down the river and over the falls. The Depot pictured above is now home to the Northwest Railway Museum. Engines, freight cars, passenger cars and locomotives are found on various tracks and sidings. The large metal wheel supported a 65 foot long bandsaw in an early mill.

Early diesel locomotive

Street mural depicting early log hauling trucks

1936 Totem Pole

Relaxing on Railroad Avenue, enjoying the sun


History of the Totem Pole
















Snoqualmie is an ideal destination for a relaxing day trip. There is so much to see with attractions for all ages. One thing we really enjoyed was how laid back everything (and everybody) was. No rushing around, you can take your time and enjoy everything this cute town offers.

Sunday evening gathering of friends

Sunday turned out to be a gray rainy day, including a couple of claps of rolling thunder, which is not common in Seattle. Our daughter invited her best friend and family over for a relaxed evening of food and fun.

Pepperoni, foreground and veggie, background

Loaded with everything!









Nothing better than hot pizza for supper with friends. The pizza came from Bravas Pizza and Pasta in Snohomish. Oh my it was so good. We have dined there before on previous trips.

A seasonal craft beer from a Seattle brewery. Very good, 8.8% ABV

Our daughter’s friend relaxing with “grown up art”.






The evening’s activities included eating, watching the highlights of the day’s football games, watching the Emmys, eating, watching movies, eating and drinking. Did I mention eating? We had a wonderful time, and Sher and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with our daughter’s friend, husband and daughter. A relaxed Sunday evening always proves to be a great way to get ready for the coming week.

Sunday morning doughnut treats

Talk about a diet buster, but oh, so good! Our son-in-law treated us all with a box of delicious, I mean delicious doughnuts from the Frost store in Mill Creek, Washington. There is something about a lazy Sunday morning that just cries out for fresh Long Johns, Bismarks or Apple Fritters. These delights have rightfully earned the title of Best Doughnuts in Washington State.

Not much left of our grandson’s treat

Our 6 year old grandson had a ball with his sprinkled and icing topped doughnut. He had a very unique way of devouring it. He started from the top, eating the icing and sprinkles layer first, and subsequently went round and round in a circle until the doughnut was gone.

What’s left of the doughnuts. The Apple fritters come in a bag.

We actually visited the Frost store during our January 2020 visit to Seattle. At the time we were wintering in Austin and had stored the RV for a month and flew to Seattle. This was if you remember right before COVID hit the nursing home in Seattle. This is the link to our article about the Frost store. The article has mouth watering photos including ones of fancy coffees.