New item for sale on our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy shop

We just the other day added several unique items for sale in our online Etsy shop.

One of these is a very nice, near perfect condition heavy cast iron bank. Called the Transvaal Money Box, this accurate reproduction was originally made in 1885 as much as a political satire as it was a useful item. Coins are put in a slot on top of the character’s top hat. As the coin falls it makes the pipe in his mouth jump a bit. See other details, more history and lots more pictures at our Etsy shop listing here.

We invite you to check out our whole store.

Two herbs and and a we don’t know

Pictures from our flower (and now) herb garden for your viewing pleasure.










For the we don’t know part, here is a shot of a flowering plant starting to bloom. Any help in identification will be greatly appreciated.

Please be safe, don’t let your guard down, that virus is still out there!

Peeking around the tree

Sher and I were enjoying our new yard swing, which is sitting about 25 feet away from the tree where we have the bird feeder hanging. She spotted this young squirrel peeking out from behind the tree. This squirrel was not used to having two humans swinging in a weird contraption so close to where it likes to find ears of corn and sunflower seeds.

Photo-bombed by a dove

I wanted to get a photo of this female Cardinal, who I think may be a juvenile.  She kept facing away from the camera. Finally she did turn so I could get an image of her face. Then here came one of those pesky Mourning doves (aka rain crows) who successfully photo-bombed the shot and spooked the Cardinal. Sigh….

Watching the BLM and other protests

We have been  watching the live coverage by mostly free lance journalists of the protests occurring all over the United States.

The YouTube video embedded below is from JacobSnakeUp’s channel with archived live coverage of protests. This one displays several different streams at once from different media folks, and is coverage from yesterday, June 27th. He streams these live just about every night. We would not have known that protests are still going on to such a degree had we not found his live stream.


Hunting for and finding some tasty morsels

We have been putting ears of field corn out on a couple of trees in the backyard. It has been fun watching the squirrels working the corn. They of course knock kernels off the cob, and some are consumed right away. However, most of the kernels were buried, most within about a 30′ radius around the trees.

This little guy was digging up corn kernels today. There has been over an inch and a half of rain in the last 24 hours. Digging up the kernels resulted in very muddy snacks for sure. It was fun watching him dig a kernel up, wipe the mud off and eat. We have enjoyed seeing squirrels burying corn, today we saw this one returning to and excavating a treat or two.

Peppermint is conquering the yard

Going everywhere

We know that mint takes over anything in its way. This peppermint is sure proving what is said about it. It grows fast and spreads faster. We planted this mint with the idea that it would take over the strip of grass between the house and the sidewalk. It is off to a good start, as it started with a single plant last fall.