Snoqualmie Falls Brewery

An absolutely amazing weather day south of Seattle at Snoqualmie. The bar food here is wonderful and so are the beers.

Public art displayed on Camano Island

Public art is loosely defined as artwork that is visually and physically accessible to the public that is installed or staged in public space usually outside. Camano Island north of Seattle has several unique pieces of public art displayed for all to see and appreciate.  The two displays below were seen on the edge of a shopping complex.

Camano Island globe!

Cute slogan, huge crab









A striking metal sculpture

The visitor’s center is also home to several pieces of sculpture, both small and very large! The large sign gives visitors a very detailed overview of the island and makes one excited to start exploring. In a way, the map is art as well.  The very tall figure of an Indigenous fisherman is a most impressive piece and commands your attention.

Public art can also be functional. This little “fish boy” has been the scene of who knows how many photos of cute little kids sitting on the boy. You can see the feet of the tall statue in the background.


The Pioneer Cemetery on Camano Island

One of the interesting locations on Camano Island is the beautifully kept Pioneer Cemetery. The five acre graveyard has a white picket fence along the road and has  a brick column set-back entrance. It is across the road from the Visitor’s center and park.

The gates were closed and locked, so we did not enter the cemetery grounds. Those interned cover nearly 150 years. The oldest marked stone dates from 1880. Records of those offer a remarkable insight into the history of Camano Island.

Veterans from WWI, WWII, and Korea rest here. The earliest birth date listed is from 1827. Recommended is this website with a total listing of the markers in the cemetery. The research was performed (cemetery walked) in December of 2008.

Fun soccer game and pizza/burger dinner

Another look at Sher

It is so much fun watching young kids playing sports, especially when one of the athletes is your grandson! Tonight we all went to an exciting place named Arena Sports. One end of the place was filled with over 80 high tech video arcade games. Play these and redeem for prizes.

Our grandson, left, on the “field” waiting for the ball

But we were there for the soccer game our grandson was to play. He is in first grade and plays once a week in a league at Arena Sports. There were eight kids in his group/team. The first half of the session is spent learning the basics. There are two coaches giving the kids a four to one ratio of coach to players. The second half of the session is an actual scrimmage game with half the kids in colored vests, thus establishing teams.

Pizzas, burger, tots, soda and beer. Best possible food with which to watch your grandson’s soccer game.

Really good pizza and burgers are also available at Moe’s Kitchen at the Arena. We had a couple of pizzas, and I popped for a bacon cheeseburger and tater tots. The beer was good, too! The food was surprisingly good. Those in our party that had pizza were impressed with the quality.

What was most fun, as you can guess, was watching our grandson out there playing soccer. He was so energetic, constantly on the move, and playing very well. (No prejudice there. None.) He can really kick the ball and score goals consistently. It is evenings like this that make us so proud of our grandson, and also very proud of our daughter and son-in-law for the excellent job they are doing raising him. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be here with them.

Historic and haunted Stanwood Hotel and Bar

Several years ago we found this neat old place in the historic town of Stanwood, Washington. Stanwood was originally a lumber, mining and shipbuilding town. The Hotel was first opened in 1894, and a plaque on the front of the building proudly proclaims the local historical society taking note.

Stanwood Hotel and Bar

The hotel has a rather raucous history as you might expect from what in reality was a frontier town. Over the years some unseemly characters took part in rather unseemly activities at the hotel and bar. Some of these events have led many to believe that spirits of the past still roam the bar and hotel. Current staff and patrons have reported repeatedly seeing apparitions in Victorian age clothing. Some have been pulled at and pushed. I personally had a weird feeling of being observed in the hallway to the restrooms, an area with lots of reports of activity. Paranormal investigators have been here with results that are hard to refute.

Dark door to back hallway were stuff happens!

Great fish and chips






Our pre-snack refreshments


Today the bar offers some of the best ‘Bar Food” in the state. We stopped here after our trip around Camano Island for a snack. My snack turned into a full order of delicious fish and chips. Sher had what turned out to be a huge basket of the best fries we’ve had in a long time. Hat’s off to our bartender: she makes a great margarita!

The Stanwood is now back as a full service hotel. All the second floor rooms have been remodeled with modern baths. Not only can you get a great meal, but you can stay in a piece of Washington’s history. Check it out, they also have live music sometimes.

Camano Island and the Cavalero boat ramp

What a beautiful day it was for some exploration. Sunny with temps in the mid 60’s promised a great weather day. So we were off to Camano Island, a 15 mile long island north of Seattle, close to the San Juan Islands and the Canadian/US border. The island has State Parks, beaches both public and private and other recreation as well as many residences, some located on the water.

Lots to see and do on Camano Island

A very tall Indigenous fisherman

The information center was closed when we were there, possibly by employment or covid reasons. The large map gives a great snapshot of the island. Several metal sculptures dotted the park around a huge kids playground.

We drove nearly the whole island. Wanting to see some of the homes on the water we found to be a bit of a challenge, as steep narrow roads were the order of the day.  We did finally find a community of lovely waterfront homes that was flanked by two gated, private beaches.

Long necked heron in the water

Beautiful water and land







Across the Port Susan water

We saw folks collecting pieces to take







Yes, this is where Maj collected rocks


Finally we spotted, quite by accident, another road that looked to be headed to the water. It turned out to be the steep drive to Cavalero boat ramp, with a fair amount of gravel parking next to a sea wall of timber with the boat ramp on one end.

The scene was calming and beautiful. A heron was loafing in the shallow water, large driftwood piled up on the rocky beach added character. The tide coming in was obvious at the end of the boat ramp. We were delighted with how quiet the place was because there were no boats on the Port Susan water. Sometimes it’s best to just sit and enjoy. That’s what we did for a while before we left the quiet and calm beach and the still waters.

Sunday evening gathering of friends

Sunday turned out to be a gray rainy day, including a couple of claps of rolling thunder, which is not common in Seattle. Our daughter invited her best friend and family over for a relaxed evening of food and fun.

Pepperoni, foreground and veggie, background

Loaded with everything!









Nothing better than hot pizza for supper with friends. The pizza came from Bravas Pizza and Pasta in Snohomish. Oh my it was so good. We have dined there before on previous trips.

A seasonal craft beer from a Seattle brewery. Very good, 8.8% ABV

Our daughter’s friend relaxing with “grown up art”.






The evening’s activities included eating, watching the highlights of the day’s football games, watching the Emmys, eating, watching movies, eating and drinking. Did I mention eating? We had a wonderful time, and Sher and I enjoyed meeting and interacting with our daughter’s friend, husband and daughter. A relaxed Sunday evening always proves to be a great way to get ready for the coming week.