Roadtirement Happy Thanksgiving

Right out of the oven

A bountiful start to the meal

Sher and Maj wish you all a loving and peaceful Thanksgiving day.

Everett Washington’s Shawn O’Donnell’s Irish Pub

This morning Sher and I and our daughter were off to a nearby Walmart for our (gulp) annual flu shots and another COVID booster, per doctor’s recommendations. Got the “needle sticks” done and then we went and picked up our son-in-law and our grandson. Our daughter suggested we head for an Irish Pub and American Grill named Shawn O’Donnell’s.

The storefront of the Everett O’Donnell’s, the first of the chain

Interesting interior design

The center bar






We got to the pub right at 11:15 and were seated immediately. We were probably a bit ahead of the lunch crowd. The decor of this restaurant has a definite Irish flavor, expected from a family owned business started by the grandson of Irish immigrants.

The Full Irish Breakfast

Corned Beef Benedict with smashed potatoes






The fare at Shawn O’Donnell’s Irish Pub is very tasty, and does have some interesting items not commonly found on most menus. The smashed potatoes are just that: yellow gold Yukon potatoes cooked and then literally smashed near flat. The biscuits are very unique, named Soda Farls and served with raspberry jam. Yummy!

Bacon Lover’s Scramble

Smashed potatoes with 2 Soda Farls w/ jam






The service, coffee and of course the food was excellent at this fun Irish Pub. Shawn O’Donnell built this facility in 2006 after several years in the restaurant business. Currently there are five locations in and around Everett, including one in far eastern Spokane. Our server told us that plans are in the works for expansion into other states. Any community would benefit if a  Shawn O’Donnell’s  located there.



My conversation with Crow

The other day I was in our daughter’s backyard (near Seattle) taking photos of some of the leather medicine bags that I have been making while Sher and I have been staying with her, her husband and our 8 year old grandson.

My personal medicine bag trimmed with the colors of the 4 directions, a silver feather and a gift from the sea.

While I was arranging another leather medicine bag for photos, I heard a loud “caw-caw” from somewhere up the street. Almost immediately a large black crow landed in a small tree about 15 yards away. Crow then began to “talk” to me with varying tones and volume. I responded to him, and thanked him for sharing his space with me.

Crow and I shared space and spirit together for several minutes. Sharing time with animals is so inspiring to me, and I consider them exceptional opportunities to relish the chance to be at one with animals, Nature and Earth.  I asked him if I could take an image of him. Crow did not want his image taken, and he flew off as we said our farewells.

My gift of an apple

I cut some pieces from an apple for me, and then I took the rest of the apple and put it in the tree where Crow had been perched while we conversed. It is always a nice gesture to leave a gift whenever you have contact with Nature. When I have been gifted by Nature with stones, feathers, shells or even a leaf or flower I always leave a gift in thanks for the find.

Black Onyx Crow figure from Peru is 2 3/4 inches tall

A couple of days ago we all went to a wonderful gem and mineral store in Snohomish. I needed to get some sage for cleansing and smudging ceremonies. In this store I was immediately drawn to a display of beautiful carved crows made of black onyx that had been imported from Peru. I was strongly drawn to one and he went home with me. My conversation with Crow to me reinforced that the black onyx Peruvian crow was supposed to be. Yes, I believe Crow joining me for a bit was indeed an omen.

Return to the Oxford Saloon in Snohomish

Sher and I first patronized the Oxford Saloon in Snohomish, Washington in the fall of 2014. We had driven from Indiana in our new RV to the Seattle area as our daughter and son-n-law were expecting their first child. Being the dotting grandparents we are, we had to be there for that blessed family event!

Stunning scenery on the way to Snohomish

The classic 1900’s exterior of the Oxford

We had been antique shopping along Main Street in Snohomish, a lovely little town north of Seattle. Needing a break we stopped at this interesting looking old bar named the Oxford Saloon. We split a basket of hand cut fries and enjoyed a couple of sodas. Thus began our love affair with the Oxford.

Enjoying our custom made drinks

Every bar needs a moose…







Sher and I went with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson Tuesday afternoon late. We got there in time for Happy Hour, and our server Jenny made special “Christmas Season” drinks just for us. Not only were drinks a special price but all of the appetizers were also $2 off. We had been seated when we noticed several folks with guitar cases coming into the bar. We had picked Open Mic Tuesday.

Delicious fare: Burger & fries, Fish & Chips, Mac & Cheese, Potato skins, Loaded Jalapenos and Pretzel bites with beer cheese

All of our food was most delicious. Sher and our daughter enjoyed the appetizers, our grandson loved his burger and fries, and I absolutely relished my 3 piece Fish n Chips. I’ve been looking forward for this! (Every time we have visited over the past 8 years, we always make it a priority to enjoy visits to the Oxford.)

The place was full!

Good music!






At six the first pair of musicians took the stage.  By that time the place was packed with people. The crowd was lively and very nice and friendly. This bar has such a wonderful atmosphere, no judgement, be yourself, be accepted and have fun.

B&W sometimes works best

There is that creepy doll, a fascinating story

Back in January, 2020 Sher and I were fortunate to have a private tour given to us by Rebecca Caden, General Manager of the Oxford Saloon. We both have interests in the paranormal, and the Oxford is one of the most haunted places in the state of Washington. Rebecca was kind enough to provide us a tour of all three stories of the Oxford including the history of the hauntings in each building area where sightings were observed. This link will take you to our post detailing that tour. Check it out, you will find it very interesting.

All in all, we cannot say enough about what a wonderful facility you will find in The Oxford Saloon and Eatery. Becoming “regulars” at the Oxford is a goal that we would love to obtain. Yes we really love this place and truly enjoy the food, staff, and of course the live music. Special hats off to Jenny who served us well.

Honoring Veterans Day and Remembering Granddaddy Rex on Armistice Day

Armistice Day was officially authorized by Congress in 1938 to honor the veterans of WWI. In 1954, after both WWII and the Korean War, the original Act of 1938 was amended to replace the word “armistice” with “veterans”. November 11th has been Veteran’s Day since then, with the exception of a few years in the early 1970’s.  Regardless, remember all veterans and thank them for their service to our country.

Granddaddy’s French helmet, red cross armband and other personal effects.

On November 11, 1918 the Armistice between Germany and the Allies was signed, ending the War to End All Wars. The guns on the Western Front fell silent. My grandfather, Rex R. Forsyth, was in France that day still serving in Section 625 of U.S.A.A.S. (United States Army Ambulance Service) while attached to the French Army. He volunteered, learned to drive the Model T ambulances in the Allentown, Pennsylvania fairgrounds, and was soon shipped overseas. His unit was part of the Allied Army of Occupation and was stationed during 1919 at Kaiser Wilhelm’s castle in the Black Forest.

Haversack for carrying personal items

Rex’s dog tags, with “E” added to his name!






Granddaddy Rex did share stories of his time overseas with me as I was growing up. He never spoke of the horrors of war that I know he witnessed, but he  did share day to day stories. He told me that when Bosch (German) POW’s were brought to holding areas they were stripped of helmets, medals, belts and even uniform epaulettes. We have many examples of these spoils of war. He did share that once a Bosch soldier tossed a grenade while standing in line. Fortunately it was a dud, and a Poilu (French soldier) “dispatched him right away”.

“Iron Cross” Bosch medal, W is for Kaiser Wilhelm

Pickelhaube, a German spiked helmet

Captured Bosch officer’s epaulettes

Note the Indian Head design on the back panel of the vehicle

This framed Indian head came from his ambulance

Shown is Colonel Bertrand, 162nd French Infantry, pinning the Croix de Guerre on the coat of Rex Forsyth. Note that the helmet Rex is wearing is shown in a photo above, and also note in the right background that you can see the front end of one of the Model T Ford Ambulances.

His Croix de Guerre (Cross of War)

My grandfather was a true hero. On May 2, 1918 members of U.S.A.A.C. Section 625 were awarded the Croix de Guerre for bravery in action on April 17, 1918, having crossed a “zone violently bombarded by the enemies artillery” to continue to remove wounded from the battlefield. Our family is so fortunate to have his diary and photo albums of never published photos. His Unit was allowed to take photos being attached to the French Army.


Went to a sushi belt, not a sushi bar

The entrance signage

Tonight Sher and I had an experience new to both of us. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson took us to a sushi restaurant set up like we had never seen before. Named the bitty fish sushi, it is not a sushi bar, but a sushi belt.

The sushi items offered were like most sushi places, with a variety of protein and vegetarian and vegan ingredients. What was different for us was the conveyor belt that was constantly moving. On the belt were circular metal pieces that held plates with the different menu items, each covered with a clear domed cover.

You simply picked what items you wanted, took them off the conveyor and enjoyed them. It was easy to share, and each plate had four individual pieces of sushi.

Other plates ready to go on the belt

Wide variety, some already consumed!






Sesame noodles

Another view of the conveyor

The restaurant also had soups, salads, teriyaki chicken and rice, fresh fruits and other ala carte dishes. We found this to be a most enjoyable dining experience, one new to Sher and I. It was fun sharing the different kinds of sushi, the drinks were good and the service was also outstanding. The bitty fish sushi was located in Alderwood Mall in Lynwood, Washington.

McMenamins Mill Creek, Washington Pub and soccer

Sher and I had a wonderful Friday evening out with our daughter, son-in-law and of course our 8 year old grandson. The evening started out with his first soccer game of the season at the local YMCA. What fun, especially since his team won their opener by a score of 5 to 2.

Afterwards we went to a very nice pub, McMenamins Mill Creek. This is what it is, from their website: “McMenamins has been a neighborhood gathering spot throughout Oregon and Washington since 1983. We handcraft our own beer, wine, cider, spirits and coffee. We offer an eclectic mix of pubs, historic hotels, movie theaters, concert venues, spas, events, onsite shopping and just pure fun—join in!”

Well stocked bar

Our grandson wanted a dish of ice cream, Sher wanted a seasonal/fall apple drink, the kids had favorite brews they liked, and I was as yet undecided. Oh, those pretzels were delicious.

Sher enjoyed her seasonal libation, Autumn Apple

Two orders of the warm pretzels and hot cheese

I took a large drink of RC as soon as the glass hit the table!

Well, once we got seated I learned that this pub had Royal Crown Cola on tap. Yes, on tap! RC Cola is my absolute favorite soft drink, and to find it on tap was just an extra treat. Our waiter brought me a refill as soon as he saw my glass was getting empty.

Fun decor over our booth

We had a wonderful time on an evening of watching our grandson playing soccer followed by a relaxing time in the pub enjoying pretzels, ice cream and drinks with family. It doesn’t get any better.

Flying to Seattle

We finished a fun filled visit with family in Ohio, both Columbus and Cleveland area, and then it was off to Seattle for more family good times.

The airport is nearby

The John Glenn Columbus International Airport was our departure airport. It was not at all crowded, and we had no waiting to get through the security check point. This time we did not have to open any bags, nor did we have to put computers or other devices separately on those trays.

ID label was missing from this statue

Fresh chilled salads in this machine









They like their history filled time capsules in this airport!

A time capsule for 2029

This sealed 1981, no open date listed






We flew Alaska Airlines non-stop from Columbus to Seattle.

Taxiing to takeoff

Airborne, heading West

Our flight departed early and arrived early. It was reasonably smooth, although the landing was a bit harsh. We are ready for Seattle and our family here. We’ll keep you posted on some of the things we’re planning.


An emotional Ohio memorial

Driving through northern Ohio we stopped at a small store for a travel break, Maj spotted not only an antique road grader but a tall monument topped with a proud eagle.

This is the inscription on one of the four panels below the obelisk:


The oldest soldier listed here as mortally wounded in battle was 24

The other three panels are adorned with the names of the local boys who volunteered, where they were killed in battle, and how old they were. Reading these names, the date when their final battle occurred and the location where they were is quite striking. Brings home the impact of the American Civil War.