A Baltimore oriole is a new visitor

We enjoyed seeing a Baltimore oriole for the first time over the past few days. A very colorful bird indeed.

Those pesky sparrows love to photo bomb

This fellow loves our hummingbird feeder

It seems like he is proud of his plumage







We’ve seen at least two males (the pics are of a male) and at least one female. Hopefully there is a nest nearby. We may have to get another hummingbird feeder, as the orioles have taken over this one. Orioles love nectar, and appearently fresh fruit. We’ll try hanging some cut oranges up soon.

Hopefully the final frost

According to historic Indiana weather records, the final frost of the year is normally no later than April 26th. We’ve had a couple of days near 80, breezy and great for working outside.  Then this alert came in the e-mail:

Hope this beauty makes it ok.

Gonna be cold in the morning for sure. Hopefully the flowers and plants will be ok. Some of the baby birds and other baby critters are in for a cold night!

Looked out the front door and surprise

Storms and rain is forecast for tonight. I went over to the front door to see what was going on. The sky looked dark, and then I looked up and wow! A rainbow!

Went back to grab the phone and went outside. Was able to get a couple of shots before the color disappeared. What a treat to be surprised with this beautiful omen of so many meanings and symbolisms.

Phlox, hostas and a new leaf

Scene from the front of our place

Hosta getting the squeeze: soon to be moved






Our phlox has really bloomed this spring. One of our two hostas is being challenged by the phlox for space! We’ll probably move this hosta to the flower garden and let the phlox run.

Even the new growth has the typical “tulip shaped” leaf

Our young Tulip trees are beginning to put on their leaves this spring. Also known as yellow poplar, the Tulip is actually a member of the Magnolia family. They are one of the finest hardwood lumber producers. This is the third season for the two we have in the front yard.

Happy expressions they are not

Squirrel sez “I see you, and you don’t have permission to grab my photo!”

This grackel throws a mean stink eye when he sees you, camera in hand

Seems like the birds and squirrels are not fond of humans and their cameras. Like we’re the paparazzi or worse.

Backyard squirrel antics and some birdwatching and listening

What a great day to enjoy the outside. It was windy, but wow what a wonderful sunny day with temps in the upper 70’s. Our son has been working the past couple of days straightening up the backyard, getting ready for some gardening and taking care of some weeding.

Female Cardinal, left and Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Squirrel walking past bird bath, note rocks in bowl for birds to perch

Squirrel turned around, jumped on bird bath, cartwheeled off when he hit water. See him on right ready to land, note water flowing from bowl.

Today we sat out back on our swing and did some wildlife watching. We filled both bird feeders, mounted a suet cage, and even put a couple of ears of field corn on trees. All the critters should be happy. Our son also filled one of the bird baths and put a couple of rocks in it for some for the birds to stand on while drinking. See photos above when a squirrel was surprised.

Warm sunny day with flowers and whirligigs

We finally had a wonderful day, suitable for enjoying the outdoors in our backyard. Even though it was rather breezy, the sunshine and temperatures near 80 made for a most comfortable session on our canopy covered swing.




Our son surprised us with another colorful and striking cut flower arrangement. This time we were treated with some multi-colored daffodils in addition to the beautiful yellow blooms. It was a treat to look upon them while we enjoyed some bird watching and squirrel watching too.

While looking at birds on the feeder, I felt something hit my arm. Looking down I saw a cluster of “whirligigs” or “helicopters”, in other words maple tree seeds. Our maple tree literally covers our yard each spring with these fun adaptions to Nature’s procreations. We’ve already noticed many new maple seedlings sprouting from last years crop of fliers.