Sunlit squirrel

This guy was enjoying the morsels that had fallen out of the overhead bird feeders.

Seen on a drive in the country

After lunch today Sher and I drove to a nearby winery to restock the fridge. After the winery stop we headed back home via country roads with little traffic and no construction. It was a hot and humid day, heat index in the 100 + range.

Wheat planted last fall, due for harvest late summer

A clever and patriotic use of tiles on a barn roof

This time of year there is not a lot of activity in the fields: crops are planted with most germinated and on their way. Newborn calves are growing as fast as the weeds in the fence rows. There still are things to see.

Left the nest a bit early?

Yes, mouth is open

3 feet away, it’s not moving

This young robin must have fallen from it’s nest. It was trying to spread its wings with no luck. It also opened its little beak when it saw me. Not knowing how to catch, ingest and regurgitate a worm, I couldn’t help him with that. Hope he makes it…

Same flowers two and four days later

The amazing progress of flowers as they grow and bloom

More blooms to come

More buds showing in background









Two and four days ago we posted photos of one of our Asiatic Lilies and a rose bud just beginning to bloom. Today both plants displayed some great progress in the blooming arts, adding even more color to our backyard flower and herb garden.

Enjoying Harmony Winery wines

We liked the Indigo wine so much from Harmony Winery that we just had to go back for more.  It has become our new favorite.  It is so refreshing and has a hint of blueberry.

When we had a wine tasting on Thursday, we bought 2 bottles of the Indigo.  We had a wonderful time during our tasting.  Our host was the head winemaker and general manager, Kyle Condra. He was very helpful in selecting our wines to sample.  He even offered suggestions on serving it.  He was also fun to chat with.

The Harmony Winery wines are delicious.  We tried about 5 for our wine tasting.  It was hard to decide which we liked best.  Usually we find one or two we like, but rarely all 5!  We tried Copper Tiger which tastes like you’ve taken a bite of watermelon.

On Sunday as we were leaving the Highway 40 yard sale we decided we should get some more since we now have a new favorite.  This time we met the owner, Josh Adams, another delightful person to talk with.  He told us about some of the plans they are making for the winery and events they are going to have.

Turtle Bay is a fantastic pairing of the natural berry and plum flavors of White Zinfandel with a host of luscious fruits including blackberry, strawberry, passionfruit, and blackcurrant.  We bought a few bottles of this on our return trip on Sunday.

It was a nice ending to our yard sale week.  We were tired and ready to go home and relax.  It was nice taking a long shower and then having a glass of wine.
We are looking forward to returning and tasting some of the other wines.  We also want to attend some of the events they have planned.

Kyle and Josh are super nice and make your visit to the Harmony Winery a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Knightstown. Knightstown is on the Historic Highway US 40 between Indianapolis and Richmond, Indiana.