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Welcome to Roadtirement

Those who have followed us for awhile know that we moved from a big 4 bedroom home with a buiit in pool to an Rv adventure. We had joked as our 5 kids were growing up that we were going to get an RV and park at each of their homes, then when they got tired of us they could pay for our gas to the next ones home. We have kids that live in Indiana, Ohio, Washington state, and Texas.
We decided when our youngest finished college that we really wanted to do it. The kids were all busy with their own lives and we could travel and stop in to visit them all at the same time. We didn’t really let them pay for our gas.
Then we realized we should really have a small house as a base home. So we now have a very small house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. It is quite a change from the big house we were used to, but then we are gone a lot. Our youngest son isn’t married so he lives in the house and takes care of things while we travel.
Then Covid hit and we were stuck. Fortunately we were able to get to home base and stocked up with supplies. Like everyone we were shocked at how long it lasted and how bad it was. But, we were safe. Now 2 years later and 2 years older, it is harder for us to travel in the RV cross country like we had been. We still use the RV, but for shorter trips and it is great when we set up at a flea market. We now fly when we go to Seattle or Austin.

This is a typical set up of ours when we do “Highway Yard Sales”. It is an enjoyable and hopefully profitable way to spend a few days.

We still travel but our interests have changed a little. We like visiting vineyards and winetasting. We’ve gotten interested in old churches and their history, Maj has always been a history buff, so we’ve taken up visiting historical sites.
Our website has changed a bit to compensate for the changes we’re making. Rather then listing all the things we do in each state we are focusing more on the things that interest us today. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget birds! We have taken up bird watching.
I think you will still enjoy following us as we take shorter RV trips, fly out of state and have more personal and fun stories.







Sher and I both invite you to check out our blog posts to see in detail what we are up to.  With the price of gas (and everything else!) still going higher, we may not make any long trips in the RV for a while. Time will tell. Thanks for taking a look at our blog.


Our new FourWinds 22e

Our RV is a Thor Industries, Four Winds Model 22E




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