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Welcome to Roadtirement

We are Maj and Sher, a couple of mature (we don’t like the tag “old”) folks who were born and raised in Indiana. Sher managed a photography studio and then, after we were married, raised our five kids. Maj has done many things including cattle ranching, professional public speaking and owning an engineering consulting company. We both are freelance writers, love photography, RV  travel, buying and selling antiques, and adventures.

Our set up at the recent Highway 40 Yard Sale, one of the things we did post vaccination

It is now late June, 2021, and we are beginning to “come out of the pandemic conditions” here in Central Indiana. After being isolated for over a year, we are both fully vaccinated as of the end of March. We have begun to get out of the house and make a few trips. We did set up our wares at the Highway 40 Yard Sale, and had a fairly successful event. We’ve been to some wineries and dined inside some restaurants.








We still carry our masks with us, as in some places we feel better (safer) wearing the face masks. For example, the other day I had an appointment at the dentist, and Sher and I both wore masks as everyone else was. Many businesses now have signage stating if vaccinated, no mask required, if not, masks recommended. The pandemic is still not over, so we are still being cautious. You should do the same.

Sher and I both invite you to check out our blog posts to see in detail what we are up to. As the covid situation in different areas improves, we’ll be probably be increasing our travels.


Our new FourWinds 22e

Our RV is a Thor Industries, Four Winds Model 22E




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