A shade of red in that squirrel’s tail

The gray squirrels we always see

We see lots of gray squirrels in our area of Indiana. Within the past week we have seen several squirrels that have a noticeable reddish color to their tails and along the center of their backs. Their coats are not red like the red squirrels we saw at our son’s house in Austin when we visited a couple of weeks ago.

Note the red color of the tail

These are not red squirrels. Reds and grays are two different species, and are incompatible for cross breeding. Reds have much more red coloring all over their bodies. These grays have gotten some reddish tints in their tails and their backs. Anybody seen these kinds of colorations in your area’s populations?

Some folks like squirrels. Others think they are just “tree rats”. I’ve heard it said that squirrels are nothing more than rats with a good Public Relations Department…

46 thoughts on “A shade of red in that squirrel’s tail

  1. I have not seen this in squirrels, but interestingly we have two black and white huskies in our pack that blew their coats and their tails grew back red! They eventually grew out black again but for awhile, they both looked like they were wearing another dog’s tail lol.

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  2. As someone from Australia, squirrels seem very cute creatures, as they don’t exist here at all. When I see my first red squirrel in Europe, I was surprised at how tiny they are scampering up and down the tree. Are they in plague proportions or is there another reason they are not popular?

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