Squirrel trio

Captured these three mischievous squirrels. They had been cutting donuts in the yard and chasing up, down and around the trees. Then they took a break to forage a bit. This image was the result.

A couple of squirrels





It is a very cold day, highs only in the mid teens. These two squirrels were “frozen” in place for several minutes on the trunk of this maple tree. There were no predators visible from our back door, however these guys seemed to be in the classic “Don’t move or that thing will catch and eat us!”

A shade of red in that squirrel’s tail

The gray squirrels we always see

We see lots of gray squirrels in our area of Indiana. Within the past week we have seen several squirrels that have a noticeable reddish color to their tails and along the center of their backs. Their coats are not red like the red squirrels we saw at our son’s house in Austin when we visited a couple of weeks ago.

Note the red color of the tail

These are not red squirrels. Reds and grays are two different species, and are incompatible for cross breeding. Reds have much more red coloring all over their bodies. These grays have gotten some reddish tints in their tails and their backs. Anybody seen these kinds of colorations in your area’s populations?

Some folks like squirrels. Others think they are just “tree rats”. I’ve heard it said that squirrels are nothing more than rats with a good Public Relations Department…

Peeking around the tree

Sher and I were enjoying our new yard swing, which is sitting about 25 feet away from the tree where we have the bird feeder hanging. She spotted this young squirrel peeking out from behind the tree. This squirrel was not used to having two humans swinging in a weird contraption so close to where it likes to find ears of corn and sunflower seeds.

Young robin out back

Immature robin, about 6 feet away

Today was a good day to sit out side. Sher and I were enjoying our own little wildlife show. The feeder had a near constant flow of finches and sparrows. What seeds that fell on the ground below the feeder became a buffet for doves, cowbirds, Cardinals and Redwings. Young squirrels were romping around. We heard the tell-tale rat-ta-ta-tat of at least two woodpeckers. Then came  mature and immature robins. One young one hopped close to me.

And then he saw me

It is so relaxing sitting outside on a beautiful day. Sher and I have our binoculars, books, drinks, critters to watch, and most importantly, each other. We’re already discussing where we want to go this winter, but for now we’re grateful that we can stay safe in our home base.

Backyard visitor

I was enjoying sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the backyard this morning. Beautiful sunny day, temps approaching 80, and a lot of birds to watch at the feeder.

Then this young squirrel decided to join the birds in the yard. He hopped around for quite a while, and was still there when I went in. In the foreground is the Black Cherry sapling that we got from the DNR giveaway trees program. We are fortunate to have a nice yard where we can watch the wildlife and have space for gardening.

Remember to keep doing the things that keep you safe!

A committee of vultures

On a drive today we saw many large black birds in a field next to a rural county road. I had my son stop the car for a better look and a photo op. The committee of vultures started to move away from the road,  some walking and some flying close to the ground before they settled down again.

And by the way, there are three different names for a group of vultures. Different circumstances dictate what name applies at the time. A committee is a group resting on the ground or in trees. A wake is a group feeding. And when you see lots of vultures soaring in the sky, wings outstretched with little or no flapping, well that is called a kettle of vultures.