Squirrel trio

Captured these three mischievous squirrels. They had been cutting donuts in the yard and chasing up, down and around the trees. Then they took a break to forage a bit. This image was the result.

A shade of red in that squirrel’s tail

The gray squirrels we always see

We see lots of gray squirrels in our area of Indiana. Within the past week we have seen several squirrels that have a noticeable reddish color to their tails and along the center of their backs. Their coats are not red like the red squirrels we saw at our son’s house in Austin when we visited a couple of weeks ago.

Note the red color of the tail

These are not red squirrels. Reds and grays are two different species, and are incompatible for cross breeding. Reds have much more red coloring all over their bodies. These grays have gotten some reddish tints in their tails and their backs. Anybody seen these kinds of colorations in your area’s populations?

Some folks like squirrels. Others think they are just “tree rats”. I’ve heard it said that squirrels are nothing more than rats with a good Public Relations Department…

Peeking around the tree

Sher and I were enjoying our new yard swing, which is sitting about 25 feet away from the tree where we have the bird feeder hanging. She spotted this young squirrel peeking out from behind the tree. This squirrel was not used to having two humans swinging in a weird contraption so close to where it likes to find ears of corn and sunflower seeds.

Backyard visitor

I was enjoying sitting outside with a cup of coffee in the backyard this morning. Beautiful sunny day, temps approaching 80, and a lot of birds to watch at the feeder.

Then this young squirrel decided to join the birds in the yard. He hopped around for quite a while, and was still there when I went in. In the foreground is the Black Cherry sapling that we got from the DNR giveaway trees program. We are fortunate to have a nice yard where we can watch the wildlife and have space for gardening.

Remember to keep doing the things that keep you safe!

Watching some bunnies on a rainy day

Two bunnies looking at a third one behind the tree.

The COVID-19 shutdown did not stop the cool and breezy rain today. We had just watched the squirrels having a ball with the ears of corn. All of a sudden here came some bunny rabbits. They must have been enjoying the rain as they were running around, chasing each other and having a good old time.

Here is a short little video of the bunnies frolicking around.

We did have fun watching some wildlife today. With the rain it was tough to spend much if any time outside.  Maybe tomorrow will bring nicer weather. Remember, friends, stay safe and stay healthy!

Watching the squirrel with the corn

Yesterday during our “get out of the house for a change of scenery” adventure we somehow got on the subject of squirrels and feeding them. One thing led to another and we decided that we’d get some ear corn and mount it on backyard trees. Our son went into the Rural King store and got us a bag of ear corn.

We put one ear of corn each on two different trees in our backyard. When I first got up this morning neither ear had been touched. Then a second check a little later revealed that one of the ears was now completely devoid of kernels. The squirrel had moved to the second ear, which was on the tree closer to the house. It was grabbing a kernel and then burying it close to the tree. About every fourth kernel buried he would stop and eat one! The squirrel is, as I write this, continuing to take the kernels off this second corn cob.  Fun to watch, but now I have to decide how much corn to put out.

Oh, we also got a bird feeder. No action there yet. We’ll let you know…..

Stay safe and healthy friends!