Some plants around our yard

Here’s a little photo tour of some of the foliage in our yard.







The trees are now fully in leaf. The roses are beginning to bloom, herbs are growing very nicely and the honeysuckle is in full bloom and hopefully will help the hummingbirds. Seems like the grass needs mowed every third day. Spring is here, summer is on the way.

Hanging Rock, Madison, Indiana

Traveling from Columbus, Indiana to Madison on the Ohio River via Highway 7 you’ll enjoy a slightly rolling countryside of farms interspersed with small towns and villages. As you approach Madison you see smoke stacks of a power plant that is right on the Indiana side of the Ohio. Soon you will see road signs warning of hairpin turns and steep grades. No lies there, Highway 7 drops very fast and twisty on the way down to the town of Madison.

Soon you come to Hanging Rock. There on the north side of the road is a quite impressive rock cliff complete with an active waterfall. Hanging Rock has been an important landmark in Madison since, well, when the first winding path snaked its way from the top of the hill down to the river. Today there is a pull out that allows uphill traffic to drive behind the falling water. Even during droughts the water always cascades down the cliff.  The feature was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.

Pileated woodpeckers are impressive

(The video focuses quickly after it starts.)

We spotted this female Pileated woodpecker working over a large stump at a cemetery. She worked it for quite a while, and did not take off even when we got much closer. Perhaps she is used to lots of cars and people in the cemetery.

A Baltimore oriole is a new visitor

We enjoyed seeing a Baltimore oriole for the first time over the past few days. A very colorful bird indeed.

Those pesky sparrows love to photo bomb

This fellow loves our hummingbird feeder

It seems like he is proud of his plumage







We’ve seen at least two males (the pics are of a male) and at least one female. Hopefully there is a nest nearby. We may have to get another hummingbird feeder, as the orioles have taken over this one. Orioles love nectar, and appearently fresh fruit. We’ll try hanging some cut oranges up soon.

Looked out the front door and surprise

Storms and rain is forecast for tonight. I went over to the front door to see what was going on. The sky looked dark, and then I looked up and wow! A rainbow!

Went back to grab the phone and went outside. Was able to get a couple of shots before the color disappeared. What a treat to be surprised with this beautiful omen of so many meanings and symbolisms.

Phlox, hostas and a new leaf

Scene from the front of our place

Hosta getting the squeeze: soon to be moved






Our phlox has really bloomed this spring. One of our two hostas is being challenged by the phlox for space! We’ll probably move this hosta to the flower garden and let the phlox run.

Even the new growth has the typical “tulip shaped” leaf

Our young Tulip trees are beginning to put on their leaves this spring. Also known as yellow poplar, the Tulip is actually a member of the Magnolia family. They are one of the finest hardwood lumber producers. This is the third season for the two we have in the front yard.

Happy expressions they are not

Squirrel sez “I see you, and you don’t have permission to grab my photo!”

This grackel throws a mean stink eye when he sees you, camera in hand

Seems like the birds and squirrels are not fond of humans and their cameras. Like we’re the paparazzi or worse.