Got our detectors out of storage

Our metal detector gear, digging tools and headphones

A day or two ago I was trying to ride my bike, my legs gave out and I ended up with 2 scraped knees. Hmmm…. that’s when we pulled out the metal detectors.  Dusted them off, put in new batteries and much to our surprise – they still worked! So, about our  metal detectors, yes we have ’em.  Maj has a Garrett  GTP 1350  and I have a Whites  CoinMaster.  We bought them a few years ago when we were convinced we were going to find hidden treasure!  (smiling face)  Anyway Joshua  Gates , from Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown really inspired us to do something with our detectors. Joshua uses metal detectors a lot in his searches for treasure and other artifacts. Doing a google search I found that metal detecting is a very good hobby for senior citizens.  

I don’t know if we’re going to find buried treasures, but we might find a few coins and maybe even a piece of jewelry.  We haven’t figured out how well we will be able to bend down and actually dig.  But, it is good exercise and we may just look for surface treasures.  

Why are we doing this? We are getting ready for our next big adventure.  We’re leaving it up to everyone to guess where we are going.  I’d give a prize but don’t have anything really to give that would be good.  Only thing is, you will know if you’ve guessed right.  

The first hint: it is west of our home state of Indiana…

~ Sher

We watch the Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown”

Josh in front of El Castillo in Mexico. Photo courtesy Josh Gates

Have you ever watched an episode of Expedition Unknown? It is a binge worthy show. We started watching because we couldn’t find anything we hadn’t seen, or anyway it felt like we’d seen everything. Anyway, our son suggested we watch Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown just to see if we liked it. Liked it is an understatement, we loved it! Josh Gates is absolutely fantastic as a guide and a master at explaining things in lay people terms. For the last 4 days we have been binge watching it and still have more shows to go. We are watching this Travel Channel production on Discovery+.

Our pic, also seen in Expedition Unknown

Some of our favorite episodes have been filmed at places where we have visited during our travels. The episode about the search for real-life buccaneer Jean Laffite’s missing treasure in the early 1800’s is partially set in New Orleans, Louisiana.  This episode (Season 4, Episode 13) ended in Galveston, Texas, another place we have seen. It is lots of fun seeing the same buildings, beaches and lands that we have visited. We shared some of our experiences in New Orleans here.


Gates has a great sense of humor, and it is amazing the connections he has in the world of archeology, treasure hunting and fascinating history. He journeys take you to all corners of the world, and places that you never knew existed. We also really enjoy his behind the scenes episodes, giving you a look at how large and complex his production crew really is.


Visited a local Mexican restaurant

We had heard lots of good reports about one of the newer restaurants nearby. The Cholula Mexican restaurant touts itself as “an authentic Mexican restaurant”. That claim is 100% on target.

Looks like Mexico

Colorful dining room







The decor of the facility is most definitely appropriate for the restaurant. The brightly colored tables and chairs are fun to sit at.  Wall decorations include Mexican items and there are even two large vintage B&W photo murals on the walls. But what counts is the fare.

A cow watches you enjoying chips and salsa

Now that’s a margarita!






The food is absolutely delicious. We’ve enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine in many  places in Texas and frankly Cholula is just as good as any we have been to, and better than some! The choices we made were delicious and filling.

Sher’s vegetarian meal

Maj’s chicken & beef burritos w/rice






The staff at Cholula is a delightful crew providing excellent, friendly and timely service. All staff were wearing masks, and table cleaning techniques were observed to be thorough between patrons. Cholula says it best: “Independent Mexican restaurant from the beautiful city of Cholula, Puebla. Come try our variety of unrivaled authentic dishes and drinks leaving you with a real taste of Mexico.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Pecans coming when?

We picked up some free tress recently from the local Conservation Service and state DNR. This pecan sapling took a couple of weeks to get going, but it now has some strong leaf growth. According to the experts, you need two pecan trees to produce pecans. Don’t know if we’ll get another one growing or not.

Easley Winery in downtown Indy

Sher and I had the opportunity to visit another central Indiana winery today. The Easley Winery is literally in downtown Indianapolis, a couple of blocks north of Washington Street, the main east/west artery in the city.

The main entrance

Inside at the counter for picking wines to sample


Basket full of sample glasses









Easley has been around since 1974, and currently has over 100 acres of vineyards in southern Indiana. They offer very nice tastings, either inside or out on the patio at umbrella covered tables.  For $5.00 you  can sample seven different wines. Easley has a great variety of wines to choose from.

We found that of the seven wines we tasted Sher and I both liked the Sweet Barrel Red and the Reggae Margarita wines the best. We purchased a bottle of each before we left. Family owned Easley Winery is a great place to have a nice break from a busy day of sightseeing in Indy or for an enjoyable single destination.