Is that sign for real?

Today was an uneventful and quiet day. It started out cold, though. The overnite low was 36, and it was chilly this morning. A jacket was the required article of clothing until about mid-morning. We just talked with our fellow vendors throughout the day.

Warning! Or a joke?

Warning! Or a joke?

The sign next to a nearby pond is rather ominous. The pond is about 20 yards from our spot. One of the vendors here told me that if there are no birds on a pond it is a good sign there will be ‘gators in the pond. I guess ‘gators like to eat birds that land on the surface. Hmmmm. We have seen no birds land on the pond or the banks of the pond…

Happy Valentines Day!


2015 is here

Our new FourWinds 22e

Our new FourWinds 22e

2015 is now officially here. I know because I saw the ball drop. As Sher and I look forward to the new year we are excited about our new RV, a Four Winds 22e motorhome. We have had it a couple of weeks and are still getting things organized the way we want them. Changing from a truck pulling a travel trailer to a self-contained Class C has been a change as you can imagine. The coach will fit into our travel life a lot better than the trailer.

We are planning on heading south from Indiana, maybe towards Florida or maybe towards New Orleans. That is the fun of the RV lifestyle: you can go where ever you want.

My thoughts after returning to Indiana

We don't see this in Indiana

We don’t see this in Indiana

Sher and I just got back from a fairly quick trip from Seattle to Indiana. We had spent the last three months in the Pacific Northwest, but were wanting to return to Indiana and family for the holiday season. It had been an intersting time, including our trip out to Seattle (mostly on I-90) and the return trip (mostly on I-80).

The trip back to Indiana took us down through Oregon on I-5. We then hooked up to I-80 south of Yuba City, California. Then it was across Nevada, the Utah panhandle, across southern Wyoming, then through Nebraska and on into Iowa, Missouri, finally across Illinois to pick up I-74 to Indiana.

Some musings of mine when we got back home again in Indiana: the Hoosier farm fields seemed so small compared to the ones out West. Where Indiana fields are measured in acres, the open ranges across Wyoming and Nebraska would be measured in sections. A corn stubble field with a few cattle in Indiana would seem like merely strays when compared to the scores of cattle out west. It was also different when you looked out and did not see any mountains, buttes, or foothills.

Another thing about Indiana: no laws saying that you have to have chains with you like Oregon and other states out west. And I really noticed that things look small in the midwest compared to the big sky you see not only in Montana but other states as well.

It is good to be back “home” for a while, but we are looking forward to our next journey.


Our new short queen mattress from Mattress Insider

Ok, how many of you RVers out there still have the mattress that came with your RV? If you do, you sure had a better mattress when you bought your RV than we had in ours. The mattress in our master BR was a five inch thick thing that appeared to be stuffed with the same material in a carnival prize stuffed animal. We both were waking up with backaches after sleepless nights.


This is the mattress we bought from Mattress Insider

Sher began to check around for a different mattress. She found the site on the web. Long story short, this site is a gold mine for RV replacement and custom made mattresses.

We looked at the many styles of mattresses and felt that we really would prefer steel coil construction for the firm support. We found the 8″ Park Meadow Pocketed Coil RV Mattress II. We placed our order by phone and received the mattress seven days after it shipped with free shipping.

Wow. This mattress is more comfortable than the one we had in our house. Backaches have gone. We sleep at night. (Now there is a concept!) We just love this mattress and should have ordered it sooner.

Don’t even hesitate to do business with Mattress Insider. They were great to work with on the phone. Delivery was as promised. Set up was easy: simply remove the packaging and the mattress unrolls itself. (The package is about the size of a 30 gallon drum, weighs about 70 pounds.) Let it “expand” for 3 hours and you are good to go.

Guarantee? You bet. If before 100 nights you are not satisfied, simply donate the mattress to a charity, get a receipt for same, and send the receipt to the company for a full refund. No sending the mattress back to the company on your nickel!

Need a new mattress for your RV? Browse the Mattress Insider website and/or call them at 1-888-327-3047. You will not be disappointed working with these great folks.


Save a little propane

Propane is expensive! Any conservation will help the budget.

Propane is expensive! Any conservation will help the budget.

Lurking underneath that black (or white) plastic cover on the front of your home on wheels are the propane tanks. Conservative use of the LP will save money and allow for longer dry camping sessions. Here is a tip on saving a bit of that precious commodity used for cooking, heating and providing hot water for the shower.

We normally do not have our propane fired only hot water heater turned on. When Sher or I know that a shower is imminent we turn the heater on. If one of us is going to shower, we shut the heater off before showering. If we both are going to shower we shut the heater off before the second shower. The tank is full of hot water, enough for the shower. After you take your shower the hot water tank will fire up again, and if you are not going to use the additional hot water there is no need to heat up a tank of hot water that you won’t use!

Every little bit of conservation helps, and not heating water that you won’t use is one way to conserve.