Got three for you

1st photo taken

2nd photo taken

3rd photo taken

I missed the rose in the first photo blooming yesterday. So out for pictures I go, and there to my delight is another bud starting to bloom (second photo). And then while taking the second photo low and behold I spotted yet another bud hiding under the rose in bloom. Three roses to share with you all.

Need an elephant?

Well if you need an elephant, and a good luck elephant at that, Roadtirement Vintage (our online Etsy Store) can help you out. We just listed not one, but two different elephants in our Etsy store today. The one in the picture is a very cool leather elephant. Notice that his trunk is raised, which is said by many to be a sign of good luck. These days anything to help with good luck is desirable. Here is a direct link to that listing. Take a look around, we’d appreciate it. Thanks for reading and checking out these blatant advertisements of ours. Oh, the other elephant is brass. See him here.

The last straw

It will take a lot to get to the last straw!

The wheat was harvested from the very large field in the background. The straw was then baled and stacked as you see it. There were three of these large “walls” of straw. As you can see, these bales require a tractor with forks to move: you don’t manhandle these bales!

A very fine set of bookends

A bit ago we added this stunning set of bronze bookends to our Etsy Store, Roadtirement Vintage. These birds stand at 7 inches tall. Notice that there are two different bird poses. They will look great in your library or bookshelf. They would also look good on a coffee table. Click here for a direct link to the listing on our Etsy Store where you will find more information and additional photos.





You can visit our whole Etsy store here: RoadtirementVintage

Quick, look over here

Well, I guess you don’t have to look quickly at all. But have a look at our Roadtirement green beans and lettuce.

Green beans








With the COVID-19 shutdowns, stay at home orders and our desire to not catch this virus, Sher and I and our son decided that this year we’d  try growing some different vegetables in our garden plot. We also increased the size of our garden. So far we have harvested lettuce three times for use on sandwiches. Yummy! And as you can see, the green beans have put on flowers and getting ready for the beans to grow.

New item for sale on our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy shop

We just the other day added several unique items for sale in our online Etsy shop.

One of these is a very nice, near perfect condition heavy cast iron bank. Called the Transvaal Money Box, this accurate reproduction was originally made in 1885 as much as a political satire as it was a useful item. Coins are put in a slot on top of the character’s top hat. As the coin falls it makes the pipe in his mouth jump a bit. See other details, more history and lots more pictures at our Etsy shop listing here.

We invite you to check out our whole store.