Spotted on my bike ride this afternoon

Today while very humid, was really a decent day for a bike ride. Part of my diet regime is also a renewal of exercise. Bike rides in the neighborhood fit that bill nicely. No fancy multi-geared hand brake bike here. Nope, I have a simple coaster brake bike. Works for me and best of all I know how to ride it.

There is always something to see while pedaling around the area. Today’s ride definitely served up some neat observations. Here goes! I’ll share some photos of the flora, fauna and other stuff I saw.

A citizen added a touch of patriotism to this sign at a boat access ramp

Originally a WWII concrete practice bomb, they once lined the road with chains stretched between them








The concrete practice bombs had two of the iron loops enabling them to be loaded in the bomb bays of the planes. They were used during WWII at Camp Atterbury at Edinburg Indiana, and repurposed for the road side chain marking. The wooden sign is next to a boat access ramp leading to Big Blue River.

A big ol’ groundhog was eating apples from nearby tree

City maintained, note the volunteer maple saplings in the center







Like I mentioned, bike riding is a big part of my new diet and exercise ‘program’. I have been riding at least twice a day with a goal of at least 3 miles each ride. I know compared to real serious riders, that’s not much, but for me it is an accomplishment, and I’m trying to increase my distances each day.Β  So today I have pedaled 5.25 miles, consumed one shake and one salad. Don’t know about tonight’s supper yet. Probably another shake. Blood pressure is still down.

The beard sail

One funny thing happened to me today during the ride. It was the first time I was pedaling at, for me, a rapid rate and wham! here came a strong headwind. It made my beard feel like a sail, and actually created quite the resistance.Β  Felt really strange.

50 thoughts on “Spotted on my bike ride this afternoon

  1. Oh, wind resistance can be horrible along the beach trails here. It’s common to hear of someone taking a long, wind assisted, ride only to realize they don’t have the energy to pedal back in a head wind.

    Thx for sharing the pics!

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  2. Cool finds. The old beard sail will make you work in a headwind. Was the concrete bomb a real practice projectile or a bullet shaped bollard? Did you have some groundhogs at your place at one time?

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    • The practice bomb was just solid concrete with the two iron rings to mount in the bomb bays. No fins, just a round nosed cylinder. They used to draw huge bullseye targets on the ground. We had trouble with groundhogs undermining barn foundations. We used to β€œgive” them a pile of crooked wood fence posts to dig there dens. Worked fairly well

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  3. You are doing great. I believe exercise is a very important part to getting healthy, not just loosing weight. Love all the sites that you shared today. We have so many ground hogs around here. They are especially bad at making holes in the fields. It can be dangerous for cattle, if they step in one….people too.

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  4. Good going – bike riding is good – just walking at a brisk pace works the magic too. At one bad point, I left the doctor’s office with a prescription for diabetes 2 meds and orders to do something to lower dangerous cholesterol and blood pressure reports. After 6 months, I walked off enough pounds to have him call me to tell me to stop the diabetes 2 meds – my blood sugar was good to go and hypertension and cholesterol were headed in right direction. When I went in, I weighed 250 at 5 foot 6.5 inches. After a year and a half… little drum roll – grin – 145 pounds – 105 lost. That was 20 years ago. Current weight 145 pounds – needless to say I changed my diet as well as upped my exercise. Go for it! Congrats on you journey.

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    • Oh my Ned, that is a wonderful and most encouraging report. I so appreciate your sharing that bit of your history. As I was pumped up just reading it. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. Helps me realize that yes, you can do it!

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  5. I am sure you have been told by a Dr. or someone else that bike riding or walking is a great exercise and so good for you, it is good for your blood pressure. It is good that you are proof of it. I don’t know you personally but am proud of you. Keep us posted on your progress.

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  6. Ahh, I can just picture you coasting along with your beard as a sail, stopping by to take in the sights and sounds of the countryside. Stay on track and I wish you the best on your journey to health and leisure.

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