Getting used to the diet

I won’t be reporting every day, but I did want to mention how the beginnings of my diet are coming along.Β  Here is the link to my first declaration of diet post yesterday.

So far it has been OK to have a protein meal replacement shake for breakfast. Take it slow, don’t gulp it and make it last! Yesterday we (Sher is also consuming some of what I am) both had salads, and again today salad was on the lunch menu. In addition to the salad, I also had a small portion of baked beans and some bread and butter chips. Yesterday and today are the first consecutive days when I had only fruits and veggies to eat. Yes, no meat or breads.

Today’s lunch plate

I have been riding my bike each morning and today I took a second ride after lunch. I am fortunate to have a good place to ride: our neighborhood has very little traffic and an official bike trail runs behind our house. Sher and I also have started doing Tai Chi. As soon as we get the hang of it, we’ll be able to do that outside.

So far I have lost five (5) pounds since my pulmonologist’s appointment last week. My blood pressure has also lowered from the readings from last week. I’m monitoring blood pressure, oxygen and blood sugar daily. I feel pretty good, am not overly hungry and am optimistic. I am confident that I’ll be successful.

63 thoughts on “Getting used to the diet

  1. thanks for the update and a big thumbs up for getting started/settled in. Keep well. looking forward to reading more – only if you feel like posting. I am sure sometimes distraction by way of one of your adventures will be more important.

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  2. You are doing great! Losing fast and feeling better will keep you on track. Just try to remember when you reach a point that you aren’t losing fast, or at all, you have probably reached a plateau. It will start dropping again if you just hang in there and stick to the plan.

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  3. There are recipes for “Peel-A-Pound” soup that can help with weight loss. The soup is designed to require more energy to process than it imparts. You can eat as much of it as you want, and you will lose weight.

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  4. I stumbled on your post and I am inspired by your authentic sentiments. I have been trying for years to get on a path of becoming healthy and while I am no where near were I want to be I feel powered up just reading your post. #truthsandthoughts


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