Another “One year later” post

Taken June 20, 2020

Taken June 30, 2021









Here is another look at our backyard flower and herb garden. These two photos show the same herb plant 12 months apart. We planted this sage in early June, 2020. We did harvest and dry some of the sage last fall. The other shot was taken this afternoon. This sage has really grown a lot.

In the upper left corner of today’s photo you can get a glimpse of the chives plant. In the lower right corner you can see leaves of one of the Asiatic lilies highlighted in another post here.

15 thoughts on “Another “One year later” post

  1. That’s a beautiful, healthy sage plant. Any sage I have planted seems to not make it over 2 years. I have been told we have Phytophthora in the soil. Our winters are normally cold and wet, though that has slowly been changing.


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