Mom, Dad, get back here!

We noticed a behavior in starlings that we had not seen before. Adult starlings were moving through the yard, doing their normal grazing thing.

Some adult feathers are beginning to show on the backs of these two starling juveniles

What was different was the sight of juvenile starlings, one or two per adult, staying amazingly close. Every time the adult moved, the juvenile stayed right with the adult. We watched as the adult would grab a worm or grub an give it to the youngster. When the adult flew away the youngster would squawk and carry on very loudly. This parent/young interaction went on for minutes at a time.

23 thoughts on “Mom, Dad, get back here!

  1. Your starlings remind me of those darn two hatchings of Canadian geese that are roaming out in our field. When they first hatch and then in just a matter of a couple of weeks, they turn into ugly gooselings.


  2. It is fun to watch birds with their young when they do this. Even though the ‘kids’ are big enough to peck at their own food, they still need mom or dad to feed them. 🙂


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