More starlings leaving the nests

Adult on left feeding juvenile, second juvenile, right, looks on

Remember the post about the Starling kids bugging parents for food? Well, this behavior continued today everywhere in our yard. The change noticed today was that there were even more juvenile starlings hanging close to adults, waiting and begging for food. The groups were seen on the ground like yesterday, and now in the trees and even the utility wires overhead. One juvenile even approached a squirrel that was munching on some peanut suet.ย  Wrong move, juvenile! That squirrel was not going to feed you! Squirrel jumps up and at the bird.ย  A moment of hilarity.

Today there were many more juvenile starlings in evidence. In addition the chatter from the young starlings was incredible, and the birds actually sounded agitated and anxious. It was not a calm day.

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