A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers

If you’ve seen some of our previous posts, you’ll know that we have been enjoying feeding birds in our backyard. It is always fun to see different birds and to watch the antics of them all. But sometimes we just have to say “Wow! Look at those!”

That time came when a mating pair of Pileated Woodpeckers showed up at our tree with suet feeding stations. The male is on the left, female on the right. (We call them Woody and Wilma) We had seen the female before, but this was our first sighting of the male. And yes, to us, this was a thrilling event!

21 thoughts on “A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers

  1. Amazing! we, too, would be so pleased if this happened in our garden. Unlikely, though, as we’re in the UK! we do get woodpeckers, though, green woodpeckers and great woodpeckers. We are always delighted if they appear. And yesterday, on my way to the osteopath, I slowed to let a bird swoop in front of me – and it was a jay! love those guys.


    • Jays are truly remarkable birds. Our blue jays rule the roost! And there is something about woodpeckers that is special, to see and even to hear them pecking in the distance. Thank you for the comment sharing! 😉


  2. You get an amazing variety of birds! We recently started getting deer at our bird feeder, two young blacktail bucks and a small doe. One of the bucks learned to tip the feeder with his growing velvety antlers, eating all the seed.


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