Suet yourself

Hanging on an empty corn cob on a large nail is our new backyard suet cage. Soon after the debut of this wildlife feeding device a resident squirrel showed up. He really wasn’t thrilled with this “not corn” thing.

He finally moved on, leaving the suet to the birds.

17 thoughts on “Suet yourself

    • Just a bit ago I saw a squirrel trying to grab a bite from the bottom of the suet cage. He/she looked like it got a small morsel, then it left right away. You could get one of those metal hooks like they hang flower baskets from to hang a suet feeder from.

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      • I thought the critter could get a tiny piece! I have no trees like yours on the property, just palm trees but I can drive a pipe in the ground, our hang it on the block wall which is called a fence here. There are tons of birds flying around the house including beautiful Hummers!

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      • Check out the black metal hanging hooks! You can hang suet feeders and hummingbird feeders too. Sounds like your area is filled with critters that would love for you to set out feeders!

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    • Let’s say that any lucky captures of the birds will be a nice bonus to having a bit of nature in our backyard. It is fun getting nice shots, but enjoying each other’s company while slowly enjoying swinging is the best….

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