Some squirrel scenes

Here’s some squirrel action we observed on the tree in our backyard.

This nut tastes pretty good, glad I found it.

There must be something to eat around here

The squirrels were out in force this afternoon enjoying the sunlight, even though it was chilly and windy with a definite feel of fall in the air.

Squirrels show up everywhere

Seems that we run into squirrels where ever we go. And it also seems like they are always eating or looking for something to eat.

Hey! Is that corn over there?

“Mmmm…grapes are good!”

Cherry tomatoes. Yep, they are good.

Glad I remembered where I buried this nut!

Some people like to watch squirrels and like them around. Others can’t stand them. It has been said that squirrels are just rats with a great Public Relations Department. What side are you on?

Gonna have some “maters” in a bit

We have Red Beefeater and Big Boy tomato plants this year

Red Beefeater

Big Boy

Big Boy twins

Just in the past couple of days our tomato plants have really started putting on fruit. I guess that patience has paid off. It looks like we might have a good crop this season after all, as we had good plant growth but no tomatoes to speak of.  Now if those rascally squirrels will only behave…


Wet squirrel

This squirrel got caught in our heavy rain storm and got drenched. He hopped on the tree about 3 feet up, grabbed the trunk and held on for dear life. Note his water logged tail.

We were under a severe storm warning that soon turned onto a full fledged tornado warning complete with the phones going off and our local sirens blaring.. We avoided any damage from the very high wind gusts, and fortunately there was no hail. Some parts of town suffered from wind damage.

Wet bunny and other critters

Wet bunny sitting in a heavy rain shower

Baltimore oriole enjoying the nectar feeder

Red-winged blackbird This is the first season we have seen this species in our yard

This squirrel loves a crunchy kernel of corn

We really enjoy the menagerie that shows up in our backyard. At one point yesterday we counted at least nine (9) squirrels romping around. They were having fun chasing each other up and down and around the tree, and it looked like total pandemonium. We are very fortunate to have a nice yard that gives us our own little slice of nature.

Backyard squirrel antics and some birdwatching and listening

What a great day to enjoy the outside. It was windy, but wow what a wonderful sunny day with temps in the upper 70’s. Our son has been working the past couple of days straightening up the backyard, getting ready for some gardening and taking care of some weeding.

Female Cardinal, left and Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Squirrel walking past bird bath, note rocks in bowl for birds to perch

Squirrel turned around, jumped on bird bath, cartwheeled off when he hit water. See him on right ready to land, note water flowing from bowl.

Today we sat out back on our swing and did some wildlife watching. We filled both bird feeders, mounted a suet cage, and even put a couple of ears of field corn on trees. All the critters should be happy. Our son also filled one of the bird baths and put a couple of rocks in it for some for the birds to stand on while drinking. See photos above when a squirrel was surprised.