Squirrels show up everywhere

Seems that we run into squirrels where ever we go. And it also seems like they are always eating or looking for something to eat.

Hey! Is that corn over there?

“Mmmm…grapes are good!”

Cherry tomatoes. Yep, they are good.

Glad I remembered where I buried this nut!

Some people like to watch squirrels and like them around. Others can’t stand them. It has been said that squirrels are just rats with a great Public Relations Department. What side are you on?

27 thoughts on “Squirrels show up everywhere

  1. “Rats with pretty tails.” Here, they are evil because they eat half the seeds I plant in the garden and destroy many others looking for more seeds. Terrors. I have to put heavy rocks and sticks poking up around all my seeds to deter them and keep up with it to get any plants going. Thank God for the many hawks here. Squirrels are their favorite meal.😃


  2. Squirrels, squirrels everywhere. In the air. In your hair. Squirrels, squirrels everywhere. Does anybody really care? Well. Maybe. Excellent photos of the cute, pesky little squirrels.


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