Getting ready for Historic US 40 Yard Sale

One of our typical setups

This has been a rainy day in Central Indiana. We are back in Indiana getting ready for one of the big antique shows we try to do every year. Of course, we didn’t get to go last year. Though the Highway 40 is really a very big yard sale, we do very good selling our vintage items and bigger items that we have found in our travels.

It becomes a big clean out the garage month for us. We set up at the Dunreith Baptist Church east of Greenfield, Indiana. It is such a great place for us to set up. The pastor and his wife are very nice and helpful. They let us park the RV right behind our display, which is so nice because we don’t have to travel every night.

Highway 40, also known as Old National Highway, is a historic road and fun to travel just to see the old buildings and historic sites. This year the sale will be from June 2 to June 6th. It starts in Baltimore, MD and continues thru St. Louis, MO. It draws lots of people and some interesting characters. We enjoy doing this show.

24 thoughts on “Getting ready for Historic US 40 Yard Sale

  1. That sounds like fun, we did several yard sales and had a blast. I like dealing with fashion jewelry, and a little of the real stuff. Small items are good for us as we don’t want a trailer full of stuff to manage. If we find a place to park semi-permanently that could change. Happy traveling and hope you sell out! Stay safe.

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    • We’ll be pulling our cargo trailer to the 40 sale, we’ve got tons of stuff we want to sell. When we’re on the road we actually can set up and sell jewelry as well….of course we haven’t had a set up since January 2020


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