High flying and loud

This is the time of year when the Sandhill Cranes head back north. Usually you hear them first, then have to search the skies for the typical “V” shaped formations. While the normal flying altitude is around 5,000 feet, they have been known to fly as high as 12,000 feet.

Took this picture this afternoon in our backyard. You have to look closely!

Click below for the sounds of one Sandhill Crane. Imagine how loud it is with all of the cranes squawking as they fly.

44 thoughts on “High flying and loud

  1. We still have several hangers on, but their numbers are less each day as they head north. Good recording of their distinctive call. We’ve had 50 to 100 of them fly low over our house every morning and evening all announcing their presence loudly for the past 5 months. With fewer cranes I notice the quiet.

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