About the ugly and sometimes scary

Does a kettle of vultures circling in the sky give you pause?

Took this picture a few years back one early morning

Turkey vultures often get a bad rap. Yes, they are pretty ugly. They do perform a vital role in the ecosystem by cleaning up the carrion. It is for some kind of scary seeing a lot of them circling overhead. Here’s some other information:

  • Yes, a group of turkey vultures circling is called a kettle of vultures
  • They spread their wings to warm up or dry off, usually in the morning
  • They can soar for  hours at a time, rarely flapping wings
  • They clean up the carcasses of dead animals, keeping diseases down
  • Wing spans reach up to six feet
  • They stick their heads in carcasses so no head feathers to keep clean
  • Buzzard is not the correct name for turkey vultures
  • They DO NOT kill dogs, cats, or children

Want more information? Here is the Wikipedia link for turkey vultures.

19 thoughts on “About the ugly and sometimes scary

  1. When my husband and I were living in Tampa along the Hillsborough River, the turkey vultures would come in the fall all at once en masse and spend the winter all along the river bank. It was ominous and eerie (and coincidentally the exact kind of thing I love), but they were so cool and weird! I love seeing vulture appreciation posts!


    • There was a tree near the Lake Travis dam (Outside of Austin) that would occasionally have nearly a hundred or more roosting. In the early morning they would all have their wings spread warming up. That looked both awesome and frightening at the same time!

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  2. I like Turkey Vultures. They are beautiful in flight. A friend who lived in Virginia said a horse died on his property, so they dragged it out to the middle of his field and the vultures had it cleaned to the bones in three days. I was impressed.

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  3. They’re a little ugly, but it’s difficult to say an animal is ugly, they all have beauty and we need them all. I have been thankful to them in that they eventually clear a cute something rather from the road that saddens me every time I pass it. Saying a wish for it’s furry soul doesn’t prevent the sorrow & thinking of the careless driver that struck it. At least, in time, thanks to the turkey vultures that depend on the carcass for life, my memory is eventually cleansed.

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