Family out for a walk

Awhile back Sher and I were traveling in Virginia and found our way to Chitoteague Island. There we saw this fine family out for a stroll. We thought this photo might bring a smile or two.

8 thoughts on “Family out for a walk

  1. They would be arrested out here. No more that 5 people in a family can be out together at the same time. Our governor said that if a family of 6 or more and all go out together they will be arrested. Cute photo. Is there a duck crossing sing nearby?


  2. This is a great picture. We have a large duck population in my neighborhood and get such a kick out of them. I have to say though, they are not very good parents. We are constantly having to rescue little ones out of drains when they fall through the holes, or from under trampolines when Mom walks across and little’s fall between the springs. Then they honk and run at us during the rescue like we’re are caused the problem. I’m sure they mean well, but honestly – it’s a good thing they have lots of babies.

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    • HaHa! I have seen stories of the little ones following Mom across a drain grate, and then that pesky gravity taking over. You are to be commended for your rescues and facing the misplaced wrath of the “parents”. Thanks for the comment and the visit.

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