This duck was either laughing or mad

Laughing or mad, one duck was very verbal. The whole flock was very animated and active yesterday afternoon.

Short video of five geese, seven ducks and moderate flooding

A nearby park received moderate flooding over the past few days from heavy rains. This park has seen a lot worse: the swing sets in the background have been in water 2 feet deep before. Some geese found it good grazing where a walking/bike path was covered. A group of ducks also enjoyed the shallow water. One duck honked off one of the geese, however. Fortunately the video ends before serious goose vs. duck conflict occurs.

Don’t you dare feed those ducks

There must have been a rash of duck invasions from feedings, that or there was a plague of bird droppings due to concentration of fowl. Something has prompted this new Ordinance and associated brand new signage. Anyway, the Ordinance has not yet been added to the city’s law clearinghouse yet, so no details are available. Stay tuned for updates…

A pair of Mallard ducks and a walk

Even the ducks obeyed and stayed 6 feet away

Sher and I and our son ventured out yesterday for drive and a walk in the sun. We found the weather to be near perfect with temps right around 70 with a moderate breeze. Cabin fever is really starting to set in so we thought it best to get a change of scenery. A lot of people were out enjoying the day. Everyone we passed respected the “social distancing” recommendations. We felt that we were safe in this activity.

Are you struggling with cabin fever? How are you breaking up the monotony of the stay at home rules of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Follow recommendations to stay healthy!