Indiana’s only Long truss covered bridge

This historic bridge has had quite the history. Originally constructed in Union County in 1840, this Long truss design covered bridge was built by Adam Mason and designed by Col. Stephen H. Long. Time passed, and the bridge was dismantled in 1974 and stored in Indianapolis.





The bridge was rebuilt at half its original length at the Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana. There the bridge provides both a one lane driving road and spans part of the water leading to a lovely pond circled by concrete sidewalks. Mill Creek Park is an extremely popular park close to downtown Columbus.

19 thoughts on “Indiana’s only Long truss covered bridge

    • Don’t know about the extra wood. Good question. The bridge was dismantled and saved instead of just being destroyed. A new modern bridge was installed to replace this one. It was actually one of the few times a covered bridge was stored for future use instead of being destroyed.


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