Springer Cemetery , Elizabethtown, Indiana

Elizabethtown is a tiny berg with a little over 500 residents near Columbus, Indiana. The Springer Cemetery is about a mile and a half from town. The first burial was of George Springer in 1857.

The pretty chapel in the cemetery

Civil War veteran and wife

An Indiana Civil War veteran with military headstone

Springer Cemetery is filled with Civil War vets among the other civilians resting here in this small country cemetery. The chapel lends a feeling of spiritual calm and memory of those resting here.


14 thoughts on “Springer Cemetery , Elizabethtown, Indiana

  1. Have been curious for as long as i can remember about this cemetery… nice to see this quaint article… would have most certainly loved to see some inside views of the chapel, whether they were worth seeing or not. really just wanted to say Thank You….


  2. Springer Cemetery Chapel was built sometime n the 1950’s. My father, the late Duane M. Padgett of Westport laid the stone on the structure. He was known for his decorative round stonework. He was proud of that building. I don’t know of a better example of his work.

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