Don’t you dare feed those ducks

There must have been a rash of duck invasions from feedings, that or there was a plague of bird droppings due to concentration of fowl. Something has prompted this new Ordinance and associated brand new signage. Anyway, the Ordinance has not yet been added to the city’s law clearinghouse yet, so no details are available. Stay tuned for updates…

26 thoughts on “Don’t you dare feed those ducks

  1. A mile or so away from me, on the side of a three way intersection there was once a small, country type store. They had the BEST vegetables and fruits. There is also a large pond just yards away. The store is gone now but while it was there a large colony of various ducks and geese also were there. When traveling through you had to drive carefully and keep an eye out because you never knew when they would decide to cross the road. I miss seeing them actually.

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  2. Poor ducks. There’s also a lot of people who get upset over ducks eating people food, especially bead, which is supposedly not good for ducks, because everyone knows you can life on bread alone. However, ducks seem to thrive very well on bread and water.

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  3. I think what happens over time … too many people feed the ducks and they then become somewhat dependent and almost domesticated. Regardless, I am always entertained by them and love when they approach. And when I don’t feed them, they give me a dirty look and move on ๐Ÿคฃ

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  4. Here in Florida, people, often visitors feed the seagulls and squirrels. I love all God’s creatures, but these tend to be a real nuisance when they become enamored of people food. Seagulls drop little presents on your head while hovering overhead waiting for food or steal it straight from your hand, lol, and squirrels try to actually get in your car with you if food is not forthcoming! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I wish people would take more notice of these signs. We’ve seen what happens when people feed the ducks and geese at our local pond. It attracts more birds than the environment can handle and causes the water to become contaminated. In one such instance the birds became infected with botulism and the park was littered with dead and dying ducks and geese. It was heart-breaking! They were too paralyzed to move and just lay there suffering. I know it seems like fun to feed them, I was guilty of the same thing before I knew about this disease, but it really is for their own protection.

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    • That’s a sad story. I know that the event you described is not that uncommon, and it does reinforce the problem with human developments and their effects on the natural balance. Thanks for your thoughtful and informative comment.

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