Evidence of an overnight visitor

A few days ago we had a decent 1 to 2 inch accumulation of snow.  When we looked out early in the morning we saw a set of tracks in the snow on the sidewalk leading to our front door.  Do you recognize what kind of animal made these tracks?

Bonus question: Which direction was the critter going? Towards the camera or away?

38 thoughts on “Evidence of an overnight visitor

  1. Brilliant photo, no snow here in south England as yet but im enjoying the comments about haggis being a creature because i always thought haggis was sheep stomach stuffed with meat vegetables and barley lol good to eat but not a actual living animal lol

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  2. We live inner city(ish) along the river here in Calgary — there are lots and lots of rabbits – my dog loves to smell their tracks which are always visible in the snow. He barks bark at them when they hop across the lawn if he is watching through the window. We also have coyotes, moose and the occasional bear wandering into this end of the city. Our neighbours across the river have a bobcat family nesting in their yard!

    Love the photo and the comments.

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