Short video of five geese, seven ducks and moderate flooding

A nearby park received moderate flooding over the past few days from heavy rains. This park has seen a lot worse: the swing sets in the background have been in water 2 feet deep before. Some geese found it good grazing where a walking/bike path was covered. A group of ducks also enjoyed the shallow water. One duck honked off one of the geese, however. Fortunately the video ends before serious goose vs. duck conflict occurs.

19 thoughts on “Short video of five geese, seven ducks and moderate flooding

  1. Flooding is happening everywhere, even here! There were some severe T storms in the mountains yesterday which prompted flood warnings north of Las Vegas. All we got were sprinkles…

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  2. Puddle ducks taking advantage of the flood water to go puddle ducking, honking of a goose. Sounds like there was a lot of excitement and you had a puddle side seat.

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  3. “nice weather for ducks” – is the saying in my part of the world when it rains for days.
    And in my part of England, folk greet each other with the term of endearment ‘me duck’ (the u pronounced as in ufo). When my first social work client said it to me o/phone I made sure he knew my name is Barbara. He apologised later and in the meantime I learned from my colleagues it was not improper. My experiences with geese staying on a fam in what they considered their run was something else. But I lived to tell the tale. Just. Nice scene you have there.

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  4. If those geese are Canada geese they are a tough bunch and would see off any ducks. We have a pond near us and every spring two swans take up nesting residence and two geese try to see them off. But the swans always win.

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