Squirrel vs grackle kerfuffle

Only one bird and one squirrel in sight, and like kids they both wanted the same spot to play in. Nature is so entertaining.

Short video of five geese, seven ducks and moderate flooding

A nearby park received moderate flooding over the past few days from heavy rains. This park has seen a lot worse: the swing sets in the background have been in water 2 feet deep before. Some geese found it good grazing where a walking/bike path was covered. A group of ducks also enjoyed the shallow water. One duck honked off one of the geese, however. Fortunately the video ends before serious goose vs. duck conflict occurs.

Sher and I were serenaded today

Nothing like getting photobombed by a twig!

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon with mostly sunny skies and a very light breeze with temps near 65. The birds and a couple of squirrels were taking advantage of the food we had set out for their use.

We have been thrilled with the variety of species that have come to our feeders. Today we spotted a new little bird, a Carolina Wren, one we haven’t seen before . He decided to flit up into the tree and serenade us with a beautiful song!

Listening to our backyard friends is as fun as watching them,.


We named her Wilma

Sher and I were thrilled a couple of days ago when we saw for just a second a stunning Pileated Woodpecker who came in and landed on our tree. Almost immediately it took off.  Yesterday, however, another (maybe the same?) Pileated female came in and ended up feeding from one of the suet cages.

Notice the little Nuthatch that photobombed the video? The size of Wilma seems to have spooked it from the suet cage.


Spring ready to be sprung

We’ve been having some warmer days, and that coupled with the calendar has resulted in some of the bulb sprouts making their appearance in our flower and herb garden.

Won’t be long until the blooms will be out in all their beauty. It’s about time to be over this winter thing and move on to a better year.