A pair of Mallard ducks and a walk

Even the ducks obeyed and stayed 6 feet away

Sher and I and our son ventured out yesterday for drive and a walk in the sun. We found the weather to be near perfect with temps right around 70 with a moderate breeze. Cabin fever is really starting to set in so we thought it best to get a change of scenery. A lot of people were out enjoying the day. Everyone we passed respected the “social distancing” recommendations. We felt that we were safe in this activity.

Are you struggling with cabin fever? How are you breaking up the monotony of the stay at home rules of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Follow recommendations to stay healthy!

11 thoughts on “A pair of Mallard ducks and a walk

  1. That’s great! I believe you guys are safe getting out for a walk but of course stay spaced from others. My backyard has kept me from going nutty! Only go out for med refills…


    • It was a nice break for sure. Sher and I are really gun shy about catching this thing, so we are very careful. You about have a full time job just keeping track of what Wilson is up to, huh? 😉


  2. It took a bit, but cabin fever struck this week. I just retired in February so am relishing not having to work from home (God forbid!–I have heard from coworkers about the dreaded Zoom meetings the supervisor insists on having whenever she feels like it). Going for a walk in the neighborhood feels like heaven, doesn’t it?

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  3. We take one or two walks each day. Read, watch tv, play Scrabble. I’ll make a to do list just to provide some structure and direction. I am also making a list of local places I want to visit when this is over. And, lastly, of course, I read blogs and write posts for mine.

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  4. Sometimes I get grumpy, I don’t know if it’s cabin fever or not. But thankfully there are a lot of things to do here, like cleaning the kitchen and burning the trash in the backyard (yes, we can do that without any permits in Indonesia).

    The photo is beautiful. It seems like the ducks are chilling out on the bank of the pond/river/lake.


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