Will COVID-19 restraints end and safety return?

We and millions of others around the world are intimately aware of the terms shelter in place, isolation, quarantine, stay at home and social distancing. Trump and Pence and his experts are starting to hint about “re-opening” the country.

Our 2019 Highway 40 Yard Sale set-up

All of the Flea Markets and Shows we usually go to are closed due to COVID-19 mandates. One of our best is the annual Highway 40 Yard Sale which follows US 40 across the country. It is held in May.

Even if things are “open” in May, will it be safe for us to be out mixing at all with the public, no matter the conditions? Right now we are thinking we best not get out until there is a proven treatment for this killer virus.

What information/news is going to be enough for you to get back to “normal” activities? Will we ever see BC normal again? (BC = before COVID-19)

17 thoughts on “Will COVID-19 restraints end and safety return?

  1. A darn good question. As Susiesopinions said, who really knows… Best we can do is sit at home, wait and do the best we can until solid news comes that we can end the quarantine. It’s still hard to believe that this is actually happening.


  2. The cold and flu season will return later this year so I expect a second wave of Covid-19 in October, and continuing through the winter season. There is some speculation of a third wave in late 2021 by which time there may be a vaccine.

    Even if the country opens this summer it would be prudent to prepare for the next wave. Stock up on the essentials when inventory is available just in case we are in lockdown once again.

    Cold and flu arrive every year, but will Covid-19 simply recede like SARS? By the way, there is still no vaccine for SARS. Scientists have been trying since the 1950’s to develop a vaccine for the common cold, but there are hundreds of viral strains.

    Still, I wouldn’t feel completely safe until there is a vaccine. In the meantime, continue practicing healthy habits, and be prepared.


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