Things we miss during COVID-19

We are using video face time, text messages and even phone calls to keep in touch with our families while we are ‘safe’ in our home. With underlying health issues we can’t take the chance to go visit any of them.

Sher walking with our granddaughter to a game room at a Texas RV Resort

We miss the hugs. We miss the conversations. We miss eating out with the family at a nice restaurant. Probably most of all we miss the normality that no longer exists. We don’t know when we’ll be able to be with our families in person again.

Keep up the social distancing and other recommendations. How ever you are keeping yourself safe, friends, continue doing so.

17 thoughts on “Things we miss during COVID-19

  1. It hugs that I miss the most. I am keeping in touch with everyone by phone and our conversation are probably longer and deeper than they otherwise might be but I really miss the hugs.


  2. I don’t have family or local friends. I find that I’m missing all the random strangers I would talk with, and a couple beertenders who were nice.

    On the other hand, I’m sick of hearing a neighbor kid’s nuclear level meltdowns and the constant door slamming. They’re nice peeps but redonk noisy.


      • I also understand the frustration. But I’m actually quite concerned that one kid is going to become violent soon. Her parents are not good at parenting and the screaming is getting increasingly loud and long, and I know she already attacks her mother, who just takes it. It’s getting a bit scary.


  3. Our daughter and son-in-law dropped off soil and plants for our garden on Saturday. It was difficult to keep our distance and hold back from the soul soothing hugs.


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