Turkey vulture in flight over an old dairy barn

There is just something a tad bit creepy about the turkey vulture soaring above the abandoned old barn. Kind of expect to see Hitchcock in one of the windows…

15 thoughts on “Turkey vulture in flight over an old dairy barn

    • Turkey vultures are actually quite docile, and not aggressive at all. They have taken a bad rap due to their size, ugly heads and mythical stories. They are very scary looking, especially when large groups of them get together in flight or roosting together in trees.


  1. We have tons of Turkey Vultures flying the Ohio skies daily. Though, I find it interesting that they won’t touch roadkill. I probably saw 10 deer carcasses today on a couple of interstate highways ….. they never touch them? Maybe they don’t like venison?


    • We’ve seen TV’s on roadkill before, in fact once on the Delmar Penninsula a TV flew off a carcass on the side of the road and flew into the windshield of our RV! It was huge and fortunately did not break the glass. I like your idea that they don’t like venison.

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