A real craving for fish & chips

One of my absolute favorite restaurants anywhere is an opened in 1900 and verified haunted saloon in Snohomish, Washington. Sher and I first found the Oxford Saloon back in 2014 while searching for antiques.

The Oxford storefront with COVID prompted outdoor street seating

In planning for our trip to Seattle and seeing our daughter, son-in-law and grandson I knew that we’d be able to visit the Oxford Saloon, and that I’d get the chance to once again enjoy the three piece fish and chips with homemade coleslaw and fries. Well, that happened today! We decided to go to Snohomish for lunch.

My fish and chips meal

Sher’s loaded potato skins






The Oxford interior is filled with old framed photos, a huge suit of armor hanging from the ceiling and a mannequin of a dance hall girl standing on a ceiling mounted swing. That’s the tip of the iceberg too. Oh, by the way, The Oxford Saloon is haunted. Yes, haunted with many eyewitness accounts. Sher and I had a private tour in January 2020  right before COVID hit, and were told the stories including all about the scary cursed doll. Read about our tour here.

Behind the bar, complete with Moose

Swinging dance hall girl

BIG Knight watching you eat

The haunted doll, safe now on top of the bar













We really had a good time. I especially relished having my fish and chips again at my favorite place. It is fun having a favorite place so far away from our home base in Indiana. As usual, finding a parking spot was a real challenge. But patience prevailed, and after about ten minutes of driving around a spot reasonably close to the Oxford. We also learned that there will be fun Haunted Rock band every Thursday this month. Bet we’ll be back for that. This is the Oxford Saloon website.



21 thoughts on “A real craving for fish & chips

  1. Love it. I lived in Snohomish from six months old until I went to the U Dub. I went to the Oxford Tavern in my early 20s home on college weekends home. I’ve never had the fish and chips. Next visit back I’ll do it. My best so far on my hunt for the best is at Brophy Bros in Santa Barbara. When I grew up in Snohomish it was the Pilchuck Drive In for best fish and chips. I think it’s still there, have no idea if it’s the same as when I was a child.

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  2. Thebeerchaser always likes to hear about great watering holes from others – especially if they are in my Northwest. While I have been to the wonderful, historic Oxford Saloon in Missoula, Montana, but have not been to this Snohomish bar and will put it on our agenda on our next trip. Thanks for the post.

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