Our grandson’s toad

We got this picture of a big toad outside our son’s house recently. Our grandson (Kindergarten age) immediately proclaimed that he had already seen this toad. Not just any toad, but this one. Kids know critters, so who are we to doubt him?

34 thoughts on “Our grandson’s toad

  1. That’s so cute. It reminds me of when my son was little, he carried little toads around and called them his buddies. He would put one in the seat next to him in his Gator, an electric car like toy he could drive in the yard. The Gator had a dump bed where he thought the toad would enjoy helping him carry rocks back and forth. Unfortunately, the toads never survived too long after those jobs. Maybe your grandson does recognize this road 😉

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  2. Sounds like your grandson knows his way around among the toads!

    When I was about his age, I did a map on a sheet of paper showing all the rocks, bricks and farm implements I could up-turn and expect to find toads. I wish I still had that map entitled “Where the frogs are”! ( I didn’t really make a distinction between frogs and toads at that time).

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