Oldenburg 1871 Sorrowful Mother Shrine

Oldenburg Indiana is known for its rich religious history. Founded in 1837 by German settlers, it is known as the “Village of Spires” due to the multiple church steeples that make up the town’s skyline.

Located about a mile outside the town limits visitors will find the beautiful Sorrowful Mother Shrine, erected in 1871 by Siegfried Koehler, who had arrived in Oldenburg from Alsace, France in the late 1830’s.

The Altar

Prayer bench






The statue on the altar is actually a plaster cast of the original that Koehler brought with him on the ship from France. The original was found to be hand carved from black walnut, and now is in the Holy Family Catholic Church in Oldenburg to protect it from vandalism.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Seven Sorrows pictured






The shrine is found on a country road, and is in a beautiful setting. Trees, lawns and a stone bench ad to the ambience. While it can be locked, the shrine was open the day we visited. This is a Holy and Sacred place, and you can feel peace and serenity at the shrine.

17 thoughts on “Oldenburg 1871 Sorrowful Mother Shrine

  1. Hi Maj and Sher,

    Fascinating, interesting post. Indiana often seems off the beaten travel path. But the more I learn about various US states, each one is similar to being its own country in many regards. Culture, climate, customs, history….amazing!


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  2. It looks like a really peaceful place you could go when you need to think and/or talk to God. There are lots of churches in my little hometown here in TN too. One of them has a cannonball embedded from the civil war embedded in the front wall.

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