Easley Winery in downtown Indy

Sher and I had the opportunity to visit another central Indiana winery today. The Easley Winery is literally in downtown Indianapolis, a couple of blocks north of Washington Street, the main east/west artery in the city.

The main entrance

Inside at the counter for picking wines to sample


Basket full of sample glasses









Easley has been around since 1974, and currently has over 100 acres of vineyards in southern Indiana. They offer very nice tastings, either inside or out on the patio at umbrella covered tables.  For $5.00 you  can sample seven different wines. Easley has a great variety of wines to choose from.

We found that of the seven wines we tasted Sher and I both liked the Sweet Barrel Red and the Reggae Margarita wines the best. We purchased a bottle of each before we left. Family owned Easley Winery is a great place to have a nice break from a busy day of sightseeing in Indy or for an enjoyable single destination.

13 thoughts on “Easley Winery in downtown Indy

  1. It is always fun to taste different wines before purchasing. My Husband doesn’t drink at all, but I imbibe on every occasion. I had a good friend and we met once a week and each bought a bottle of wine to sample. We kept the cost under $5.00 a bottle. It was fun. Once she found a Chocolate wine. It was one of our favorites.

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  2. great to see you having a busy happy retirement, and great to hear of all the cleaning going on, we will finally learn to clean properly, that should be for the health of everyone, thanks again


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