At Bob Evans we felt safe and enjoyed our meal

Sher and I had been running errands, shopping and visiting a winery in Indianapolis, and it was time for a stop for a light supper. We have not been to a Bob Evans since before the pandemic hit, but we knew their menu featured items we both liked.

Extra partitions installed above booth benches for patron separation

The Bob Evans at the intersection of I-65 and Southport Road, just south of Indianapolis, was on our way home. The restaurant was fairly busy, but not packed. Most of the staff wore masks and about half of the customers we saw also were masked up. We watched staff clean a booth in preparation for the next patrons. The effort that went into the cleaning was impressive and very thorough.

Our food was delivered in a short time, and the service was excellent at this Bob Evans location. We did felt safe and comfortable here, and were able to really enjoy our meal and each other’s company.

19 thoughts on “At Bob Evans we felt safe and enjoyed our meal

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  2. hi both, could I possibly enlist your support linguistically and otherwise: as wine tasters and presumably native speakers of (American) English you will know what I mean: How do describe the divine scent of elderflower to someone without (much of) sense of smell? I am planning to make one of those prose poems out of it but just don’t have the words… thanks very much! πŸ™‚


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