Parental care

The starling parent, below, has a morsel ready for to feed its juvenile, above. The youngster is perfectly flight capable, and follows the parent around demanding to be fed.

17 thoughts on “Parental care

  1. Last year, at the beginning of lock-down, when life tasted bitter, we had a bird nesting atop a fern outside our fence. An old tree offered protection from rain, and we had some bitter splashed. She sat on her eggs, brown and blue and green, till they hatched, then she would run to fetch food, return to feed her three chicks. Ate nothing from what we offered, relied only on herself. Brave soul. And one day, sfffrrrr, they were all gone. While we were left in lock-down 😉


    • Wonderful that you could observe the life cycle develop in front of you. And yes, the birds were free, and you and we were stuck in the lockdown. I remember watching a V formation of Sandhill cranes flying on their migration last year. What freedom they had! Thanks for sharing.

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