A flash of red on final approach

A beautiful splash of red

It’s always fun to see a new (to us) species coming to our backyard and our feeders. We are slowly putting together a pretty decent list of the birds we have seen. Yesterday a flash of red, white and black caught our eye. We first saw the Rose-breasted Grosbeak sitting on a swing frame.

Coming in for a landing

It wasn’t long before a second Grosbeak joined in on the feeding fun. They both found the glass shelf feeder and shared a meal together. These colorful birds are always fun to see and hear.

13 thoughts on “A flash of red on final approach

  1. fanno sempre molta allegria gli uccellini 😊 oggi ho pranzato all’aperto in un borgo, sopra di me svolazzavano delle rondini, cantavano allegramente e giocavano passando vicine ai tavoli..😊


  2. I am happy whenever I can find the German translation: Rosenbrust-Kernknacker But here ist something nice about the scientific name: Pheucticus ludovicianus. The specific epithet ludovicianus refers to King Louis XIV of France, in whose honor the state Louisiana, was named.

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