I see you!

Sometimes there are birds that just stand out when you see them. Here is one:

This interesting gaze belongs to a White-crowned Sparrow. Below are a couple more images of the same bird after he flitted about a bit.





This is a direct quote from the allaboutbirds.org website “Scientists interested in movement and energetics have discovered that White-crowned Sparrows can run on a treadmill at a pace of about one-third of a mile an hour without tiring out.” I can’t imagine any self respecting bird allowing itself to be run on a treadmill.

12 thoughts on “I see you!

  1. Don’t you wonder why any self-respecting scientist spent months or years getting the bird to stay on the treadmill long enough to measure the speed and time?? And I wonder if our tax dollars were spent to determine it. The birds are certainly cute and the coloring on the head looks like a cap. Thanks for posting.


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