Remembering summer

Well, we’ve got another 3 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up today. Snow pictures are sometimes boring, so here’s a picture from last summer.

The squirrel is enjoying a little snack of some kind. The young tree in the tomato cage is a Black Cherry seedling that we got free from the local Extension Service. We also got Tulip tree seedlings as well.

We hope we can get our vaccines soon so we can get away from the Indiana winter and head south somewhere where it’s warm.


18 thoughts on “Remembering summer

  1. I hope you can get your immunizations soon, too. The system here had some glitches in the beginning, but things are going more smoothly now. I received my first shot last week, and will have my second on Feb. 25th. By then, it will be full spring here, and time for weekend road trips.

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  2. Ahhh those northern summers, so sweet. Squirrels are very successful rodents with their intelligence. My dad will get his second shot this week, said he feels great after the first shot. I think we all, regardless of age, are anxiously awaiting our turn for this vaccine. Stay safe, my friends! Soon you’ll be on your way in your RV! ❀️😎

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  3. It is very cold here in sunny Florida. Publix has a ridiculously complex way to sign up for the vaccine, and now there are calls to boycott the store since the founders daughter contributed to Trump’s madness. What a world…..

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    • Sounds like a very comfortable climate you have! The sapling grew about 24 inches during its first season, and is now about 3 1/2 feet tall.. The Black Cherry tree takes at least ten years before it matures and produces fruit. It will be about 15 feet tall then. Thanks for asking!

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  4. Hope you can get your vaccines soon. We are looking forward to getting our first shot this Friday at our Dr. office. We hesitated to go through those drive-in lines as we heard sometimes you are on the tail end and get turned away. Besides we are old farts and don’t like lines at all! Happy Traveling!

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