Ever think about pockets?

Watching the CBS morning show this Sunday we saw a report on “The 500-year history of the pocket”   The video was very interesting as I had never really thought about the story of how pockets came into being in clothing and fashion. The piece showed lots of history as well as quite a bit of past and current controversy over the inequality of men’s and women’s fashions use of pockets throughout history. Check out the link above for the CBS report.

After the  segment on TV, Sher and I started talking about it. Sher asked what I carried in my pockets. I replied that since our being stuck with the virus I haven’t used pockets!  Actually I have not really used many pockets since my daughter gifted me with the sling bag pictured above with the things I usually have with me.  Guess this leads to a hopeful additional purpose of this post. What do you carry in your pockets? Do you even have pockets? Agree with some of the gender inequalities brought up in the CBS report?

31 thoughts on “Ever think about pockets?

  1. Pockets are quite useful. My front pockets have keys, a knife, guitar pick, change, Chapstick and my phone. I have pants with a pocket on the right leg I use for my wallet. The most that goes in my back pockets are receipts and sometimes Kleenex.

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  2. Us ladies have handBAGS (not pockets 😄) … ok, jokes aside … thinking about it, my clothes don’t really have that many pockets – but when I do wear trousers or a jacket, I always have a tissue close-by (hay fever, you see 🤧) and probably a small purse with change (I hope my husband’s got the real wallet in his pocket!) ….
    Alright then, it seems my handbag replaced the good old pocket 😁

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  3. I watched the clip. I thought it a bit hypersensitive on the gender equity issues, but what I enjoyed was remembering the old Peter, Paul, and Mary song that includes the line, “I have a little pocket to put a penny in.” That song’s how I learned that pockets weren’t always part of a garment. The line about the pockets begins at 2:30, although the whole song’s worth a listen.

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  4. I sometimes use only pockets if I’m running a quick errand – so they hold my keys, wallet, and phone. The rest of the time, my pockets usually hold a face mask, kleenex, and/or a paper towel. As I spend more work days in my pjs, I’m thankful for pockets, which hold my phone and odds & ends as I move from my bedroom to my “office”.

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