Snowy Sunday

Enjoying a treat

The TV weather forecast on Saturday called for some freezing rain Sunday morning followed by rain. Imagine the surprise when we woke up Sunday to a fairly heavy snowfall with about an inch already on the ground!

Our herb and flower garden was a summer project that we worked on while staying “in isolation” avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic. With today’s snowfall it sure looks rather, ah, wintery. One thing about snow: your yard looks just as good as the always  perfect yard down the street.

Snow covered garden

We’re still waiting for our chance to get the coronavirus vaccine. Here in Indiana you have to be 70 or above to sign up for the vaccine. Neither of us are 70 yet, but we will be in the next group, be it 60+ or 65+, assuming they won’t change which group is next to be allowed to get the vaccine. We are anxiously awaiting our chance to receive the vaccine. We, like everyone, are anxious to get back to being able to safely travel and to visit family.

25 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. I nice dusting of snow so far to cool off Señor Squirrel. I have per-registered for the vaccine, but I haven’t heard anything as to when I might get vaccinated. I’m a high risk person, but this is New Mexico and they are already messing up the roll out. My brother-in-law got vaccinated. He’s a nurse.

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  2. I don’t like the way the vaccine is being rolled out, it’s the same thing here. My dad has had his shot. My diabetes and heart disease should put me in a slightly different group I suppose, but these Front Line folks deserve it first.

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  3. Since we don’t know the effect of snow … does that mean your herb garden is now destroyed (meaning, will the herb grow again?) Probably a silly question … 😊.
    We’ve started a herb garden (in pots) at the front of our house in lockdown last year and it’s really nice to pick some fresh herbs when we prepare our meals.

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  4. I like the chattiness of this; I hope you get the vaccine soon; here in Oz we are fortunate: low to zero case numbers — some say good governance; others say it’s due to our remoteness and low population density: maybe a combination of all three 🙂

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  5. Vaccination in Canada is all screwed up as both the U.S. and E.U. play protectionist with the products manufactured in their country. I am not holding my breath. Likely will be late spring/summer for us. Hope you have better luck.

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