Our current favorite wine is from Buck Creek Winery

Found our newest favorite wine!  Road House Red from Buck Creek Winery in Indiana has won the taste test and proven to be our favorite.   We had been to Buck Creek Winery about a year or two ago and had even taken a tour of the winery.  We knew we liked their wine, but we hadn’t found one that totally captured us. That is until we returned a couple of weeks ago.

The Road House Red variety is a sweet concord grape wine with an 11% ABV. It is sweet, smooth and very tasty.  It is good with cheese and fruit.  We also liked it with chocolate.  In fact, we liked it with everything we tried it with.

We spent a lot time trying different wines from wineries while we had been stuck with the coronavirus.  Not that we had it, we were very fortunate, but then we didn’t hardly leave our house for almost a year now.

We also like the Road House White and have ordered some more of it too.  Did I mention it can be ordered online and mailed to you? They have an extensive wine list for your buying pleasure.

But, Road House Red has become  our favorite.  You can check out the other varieties they offer at the Buck Creek Winery website. The winery is only 30 minutes from downtown Indianapolis off of Interstate 74.

17 thoughts on “Our current favorite wine is from Buck Creek Winery

  1. Hi Maj and Sher, It is fun to find new favourite wines. Our province has many wonderful wineries and we find it easy to shop locally. Your phrase “…we liked it with everything…” made me smile. Coincidentally, our Half Corked marathon information came in my email today. It is an event where we run through 20 wineries in the Okanagan. Hoping to attend this year. It was cancelled for 2020. Coincidental to read your wineries post. Thank you, Maj and Sher! Always great to get recommendations.

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  2. I’m not a wine drinker, but a sweet wine sounds like a better choice. Last month, I picked up a bottle of wine that was not red. It was bitter, yuck, and made me feel weird until it wore off. No, I didn’t chug it. A good beer with a high IPA of 8% is good.

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  3. They have an interesting wine list. I was wondering if the semis hit you like a truck? We got spoiled by really good wine when we lived in Spain. Especially with some of the natural and feral wines that we could find on small farms. Same thing in Italy.

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  4. a cheery post 🙂 wine is one of life’s little treasures; I live close to McLaren Vale, a wine region down south: ordered a dozen reds from Fox Creek; family and friends really appreciate the cab savs and GSM’s —

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