German beer and peach wine at 450 North Brewing Co

We traveled to the 450 North Brewing Co. outside of Columbus, Indiana yesterday afternoon.  It was our first time to this brewery and we weren’t sure what to order.  In fact, we were too “coronavirus scared” to go into the establishment.  So, our dear son went in and brought out a beer list for us.  We got a growler of the Dunkel,  which is advertised as a German style lager, dark, smooth and malty.  At 5% ABV we loved it and will for sure be getting more.  We  are wanting to try some of their other brews as they have a large selection to choose from.

We are anxiously waiting to get our coronavirus vaccines so we can start visiting places again.  450 North Brewing is going to be one of our first go to places, as the food menu looks very good.

They are part of Simmons Winery, so we guessed at a bottle of wine we wanted to try.  We tried the Fuzzy Peach table wine and we were a little disappointed with our pick, as it wasn’t as sweet as we like.  But, our fault as we didn’t go inside to do a wine tasting.  Next time we will go in and try some of the sweeter wines.

Looking forward to going back to this winery and brewery.  I’m getting hungry just thinking of their menu!

35 thoughts on “German beer and peach wine at 450 North Brewing Co

  1. The staff are usually great at giving recommendations! I’m glad you tried something new. I also would have expected peach to be a dessert wine!!

    Do you drink tawny port wine? I got a wild hair and tried it after dinner one night. Ended up having 3 glasses!! I esp like that even cheap versions are good. Yhe expensive aged ones are amaaazing but since I can drink a bottle by myself in one night, I go cheap.

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      • Eets really gud… smooth, flavorful, hints of vanilla. It’s “fortified wine”… very strong… so tradition is to drink it it little glasses at room temp. It doesn’t go bad after opening… like, ever. In a tasting class we were told that it’s not uncommon for people to keep an open bottle for 10+ years. I can’t keep one for 2+ days!!

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      • They’re really fun! Starts a little stiff but people tend to get increasingly animated.

        I’ve attended classes for champagne, expensive* champagne, craft beers, stout/porter beers, and port wines.

        *I know I don’t like expensive champagnes (too dry and bleh) but attended so I could say I’ve had $250/bottle champagne. I had a great time because the people next to me liked things based on price but a woman opposite me likes sweeter champagne, like I do. We described one of the high priced champagnes as “nail polish remover”!

        The sommelier who lead the classes said I “drink for style over taste.” A polite insult but true.

        Have you tried prosecco, from Italy? It’s sweeter than champagne and is good, regardless of price. Cava, the Spanish version of champagne, is wildly unpredictable so I avoid it

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  2. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I would be cautious even with the vaccine shots. I just got the first one and due for the second in February. They’re saying even though you’ve been vaccinated, you need to be careful. Take care and stay safe!


    • Glad you were able to get your first dose. Yes, we’ve heard the warnings, and hopefully as time goes on the experts will be able to learn more about the vaccine effectiveness and timing of same. Continue your vigilance!


  3. “Dunkel, which is advertised as a German style lager, dark, smooth and malty”
    “Dunkel” is NOT a German style LAGERr, and “German STYLE beer” is NOT German beer. Soory, but as a native German I’m really picky as far as beer is concerned.


  4. I am so jealous, you have been to every state! We traveled the western U.S. for 6 1/2 years. We bought in a gated community, but have wanderlust in our souls and are thinking of getting back on the road again. We are too young to live here, I am only 80 and my hubby is only 86!

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