What’s that in the petunia pot?

Thanks, Mr. Squirrel, for the corn

No hint needed, but here is the culprit responsible. The squirrel that buried the corn kernel in this pot did not get back soon enough to retrieve it before germination. We thought, what the heck, let’s see how well corn grows with the petunias.Β  Pot stability may be an issue the taller the stalk gets.

27 thoughts on “What’s that in the petunia pot?

      • We sure do! I am usually back in Michigan for a few days each summer, was back up twice last summer. Interesting to see how high the corn is. No trip up this year, spoke with my dad about this a few days ago on the phone, I won’t risk flying then getting them sick. Will the corn be knee high by the fourth of July this year? I hope it was planted. Where I lived, it was nothing but corn an soybean fields all around the house.


      • Yay, feed for the animals, and many other things they do with field corn. When my kids were wee ones, I would walk into the corn and take a few cobs to eat, but there is a very narrow window when that corn can be eaten. The kids ate it!They loved to get lost in the fields too, you can hear them but not see them in there!


      • You are so right about the window when field corn is good like sweet corn. Man, getting those huge hybrid ears was a treat when you could hit that window. It was always fun to go out into the field, be quiet and hear the corn grow. Yes, if you have never tried it, do, you CAN hear corn grow.

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      • It is really something to hear. Pick a hot day, no wind, corn at least chest high, and just stand there and listen. You really can hear the corn growing. My dad showed me how to listen to corn growing when I was about 5.

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      • That’s so amazing! No corn fields around here, I doubt I’ll make it up to Michigan this summer. Hoping for a family Christmas gathering.


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